Foster Care

Child Outcomes in Foster Care

Child Focus, Inc. is an industry leader of quality services for at-risk children and families. Proven effectiveness is rooted in best practice standards and making sure every child is safe, healthy and well adjusted for success in life.

Target Goals  

  • Children have one foster home placement from entry through family reunification or permanence.  
  • Children are safe in foster homes and free from abuse and neglect. 
  • Children are physically and emotionally healthy and receive comprehensive health care services.
  • Children attend school regularly and are academically successful. 
  • Children self report feeling safe, happy and well cared for by their foster parents.  

2015 Outcome Results

  • 91% of children had a single foster home placement during the 12 month review period. 
  • 100% of children are safe in foster homes and free from abuse and neglect.
  • 100% of children receive comprehensive health care services.
  • 100% of children attended school daily.
  • 89% of children were passing academic coursework.
  • 95% of children indicated they liked their foster home and foster parents.