Foster Care

Be a Foster Parent!

Thank you for your consideration to become a foster parent for children in Southwest, Ohio. Child Focus, Inc. has been providing exceptional care for children in foster care since 1989. The need for foster and respite parents has never been greater as child well-being has become increasingly compromised by poverty, physical and sexual abuse, neglect, domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse and caregiver mental illness.

Foster Care, the Right Answer for Children!

Foster care is the right answer for children who must be placed outside their birth home while serious family matters are mediated. Foster parents are the every day heroes who give children the gift of safety, security, stability, nurturing and normalcy during this traumatic time in their life.  

Foster Care, the Right Answer for You!

If you are committed to giving the gift of good parenting, then Child Focus, Inc. Foster Care is the right answer for you! 

Who Can be a Foster Parent?        

Foster parents are ordinary people who choose to help children and families. A foster parent may be any individual in Ohio age 21 or older and includes:  

  • Married Couples 
  • Single People  
  • Partners
  • Empty Nesters
  • Retired People
  • Stay at Home and Working People

Foster parents do not have to be wealthy or live in a large home - they just need to be 100% committed to helping children and families and have the time in their personal lives to give as well as genuine empathy and compassion.    

Types of Foster Parent Certification 

Child Focus certifies Traditional, Therapeutic and Respite Foster Parents for area children ages birth to young adulthood.

Traditional Foster Care

Traditional Foster Parents serve as a temporary family for children to live with until the serious birth family issues are resolved. The goal of foster care is always family reunification and the average length of stay for children is 6-12 months. All children in foster care have a shared experience - they all have experienced abuse, neglect or do not have a parent or relative able to care for them. Children in Traditional Foster Care include infants, toddlers, preschool and school age children and sibling groups.   

Therapeutic Foster Care

Therapeutic Foster Care differs primarily from Traditional Foster Care in that the children served have an identified special care need due to trauma exposure such as domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse, physical or sexual abuse and neglect. Children typically are school age, adolescent and young adult age. In addition to living with a temporary family until the serious birth family issues are resolved, these children are provided a range of mental health services and supports.

Respite Foster Care

Respite Foster Care is short term foster care (1 to 14 days) provided by a licensed foster parent for a child or foster parent who needs respite or a break. Respite providers typically want to help children but may have limitations due to work or personal life schedules.