Foster Care

Our Team  

  • Kathleen Peters, BSW, LSW,  Assistant Director Out of Home Care
  • Jennifer Clarke,  Administrative Office Manager, Clermont County
  • Sadie Meiners, BSW, LSW,  Coordinator, Foster Care, Adoption and Life Skills 
  • Jennifer Parham, MS, LPC, Coordinator, Parent Education Services
  • Hilary Shelton, BA, QMHS,  Foster Care Mental Health Specialist, Life Skills Specialist
  • Sarah Busemeyer, BSW, QMHS,  Foster Care Mental Health Specialist
  • Eric Carpenter, BSW, LSW, JD,  Parent Educator, Life Skills Specialist 
  • Sharon Gillespie, BA, QMHS,  Parent Educator
  • Meg Lomboy, BS, QMHS,  Parent Educator