Foster Care

Who We Serve 

  • Children 
  • Birth Families  
  • Extended Family Members 
  • Foster Families 
  • Adoptive Families
  • Child Welfare Organizations

Children in Care

Child Focus, Inc. Foster Care serves children who are in the custody of the State of Ohio. As a licensed foster care provider for Ohio children, Child Focus, Inc. receives care referrals from several county children's protective services agencies in Southwest Ohio. Child Focus, Inc. serves all children in need of care and does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, religion, sex, national origin or sexual orientation. Typically, children needing care range in age from newborn to young adulthood. Our number one priority is to ensure children in care are safe, happy, healthy, educated and well adjusted for success in life.  

Birth Families

Child Focus, Inc. supports birth family preservation and reunification. Our goal is to ensure children are safe, healthy and emotionally well adjusted. When children must be placed outside their birth family, program staff and foster parents are the primary care and treatment team members responsible for making sure children thrive while they are in care, maintain regular contact and connections with birth family and support the child and birth family to overcome the problems that led to the child's placement in care. 

Foster Families

Child Focus, Inc. understands that to be a great foster family requires that foster parents are well trained and well supported before, during and after the child's departure from the home. We understand that the better we care for and support our foster parents, the better our foster parent are able to care for the children. Great agencies support great foster parents who provide great care for children.

Adoptive Families

Child Focus, Inc. supports permanence for all children. The absence of a permanent family is detrimental to healthy child development. It is our position that children are not well-served by lingering in foster care when birth family reunification is not possible. Child Focus, Inc. supports all foster parents to adopt children in their care who have become legally free for adoption. Our goal is to support permanence for all children.    

Child Welfare Organizations

Child Focus, Inc. proudly boasts a great reputation in the Ohio child welfare industry. We care about children, families and very deeply about our community partners. Our organizational strength is rooted in building and maintaining collaborative, positive, effective open communication, a culture of compliance and ethics and a servant mentality.