Foster Care

Services Available

  • Group-Based Parent Education & Training 
  • Home-Based Parent Education & Training
  • Case Management & Consultation Services
  • Supervised Parent Visitation & Consultation

Scope of Parent Education & Training

Parent Bond & Child Attachment  

Parent educators work with caregivers to learn and improve the use of sensitive responding skills, empathy and implement nurturing routines and practices in the home. The overarching goals are improving the quality of the parent-child relationship, reducing parent-child conflict and child behavior problems and reducing child abuse and neglect risk.    

Child Development Education & Training

There is extensive research linking healthy child development to effective parenting. Children thrive when parents provide not only affection, but also respectful communication and listening, consistent rules and expectations, and safe opportunities that promote independence. Successful parenting fosters psychological adjustment, helps children succeed in school, encourages curiosity about the world, and motivates children to achieve.

Discipline Consultation & Training 

Parent educators provide one-on-one consultation to caregivers on age appropriate, non-physical discipline and behavior modification strategies. Parent learn hands-on skills, strategies and discipline techniques to use and replace those that are ineffective and detrimental to the child's health and well-being. 

Educational Support

Parent educators consult with caregivers on implementing developmentally appropriate routines in the home, organization, time management, nutrition and homework and bedtime routines. Parent educators support positive parent-school relationships and provide liaison services to schools as requested. 

Community Resource Access

Parent educators assist caregivers into navigating and accessing community resources to meet basic family needs.