Foster Care

Parent Education Services

Child Focus, Inc. Parent Education services benefit children, parents and schools.

  • Children benefit from parents improved nurturing practices, enhanced parent-child relationship and communication, the implementation of nurturing routines and structure in the home and positive non-physical discipline practices.
  • Parents benefit from improved knowledge, understanding and response to the child's social, emotional, cognitive and physical care needs, improved organization, structure and care giving routines, the quality of the parent-child relationship and the support in meeting the families basic needs.
  • Schools benefit from the child’s enhanced ability to be successful in the classroom as a result of the parent educator’s home-based services and support provided to the family, improved communication, coordination and follow through by parents and their support of their child’s educational goals.

Services are individualized using the Nurturing Parent Program, an Evidenced-Based Best Practice Program. Specific goals of parenting include building self-worth through appropriate expectations of children’s growth and development, developing empathy and caring in parents and children, utilizing non-physical discipline practices and techniques, developing appropriate role expectations and empowering adults and children through the development of their personal power.

Healthy family functioning is arguably one of the most influential contributors of healthy child development. A well known fact is that children benefit from family stability when they have caregivers who remain constant, consistent, and connected to them over time.