Mental Health

Prevention & Consultation

Mental Health Services are provided in the school setting to meet students in an environment that is natural, minimizing the stigma associated with mental health service and to minimize the barrier of transportation that often prevents youth from receiving the services they need.  The services are designed to promote positive mental health, provide early identification of psychological and social problems to reduce non-cognitive barriers to learning, and reduce the risk factors associated with school failure.  Therapists and Qualified Mental Health Specialists (QMHS) work with students to develop effective coping skills, reduce problem behavior and achieve school success. The Mental Health worker determines the need, level and type of service that is most appropriate for an individual through their initial contact with a student and the referral source.   In addition to therapy and community psychiatric supportive treatment (CPST), consultation and prevention can be provided in school settings in Clermont County. 


These services are designed to reduce risk factors, increase resiliency and prevent the development of further at-risk behavior through universal programs that target the general population, selected programs that target individuals with risk factors, or indicated prevention that targets individuals with early signs of problem behavior. 


Mental health service providers offer consultation to administrators, teachers, parents or other adults to recommend behavior modification strategies and to provide support or suggestions to better meet student needs.  Targeted training to help school personnel promote positive mental health in the classroom is also provided upon request.