Mental Health

Juvenile Court Mental Health Services

Child Focus Inc. and Clermont County Juvenile Court have a long standing partnership to provide quality mental health services for youth involved in the Juvenile Justice system.  These coordinated efforts are designed to show a reduction in juvenile crime, a reduction in recidivism rates, and a reduction in youth placements.  There are several programs that accept referrals through Juvenile Court Detention and Juvenile Court Probation.

Juvenile Court Intensive Home Based Program (JC-IHB) is a therapeutic program that provides individual and family therapy and case management to youth who are on actively on probation.  This is an intensive program for youth who have mental health concerns as well as chronic family dynamic issues.  On average, services are provided 2-4 hours per week in the home and community.  Parent participation in required as it has been shown that a child’s progress in treatment is directly related to the family’s active involvement in treatment.  Referrals are made through court order and probation officers.

Juvenile Detention Center and Child Focus Inc. have recognized the importance of having mental health services available for youth while serving time in the Detention Center.  Child Focus Inc. provides a therapist to complete assessment and ongoing consultation to youth as well as provide daily prevention groups to work on anger management, problem solving skills, stress and anxiety, and many other areas that are needed by the youth while in detention. 

Strengthening Families Program (SFP) is an evidenced-based program that focuses on enhancing parenting skills, children’s life skills, and strengthening family communication and cohesion.  It is a 14 week program for children and parents to participate in group sessions separately and together.  The overall goal of SFP is to Reduce Risk Factors, Build Protective Factors, and Strengthen Family Resiliency. 

Multidimensional Family Therapy (MDFT) is an evidenced-based, comprehensive, family centered treatment program for adolescents with substance abuse and related behavioral and emotional disorders.  Interventions target known risk and promotive factors and processes in the adolescents and parents, and the family’s interactions with school and juvenile justice.  This program is a very intensive level of service providing 4 hours of service each week for a family.   It is has been developed to provide intensive services for 3-6 months in the home, community, school, and other locations.  Child Focus is currently in the process of creating, training, and implementing a MDFT team.

The Parent Project is an evidenced informed model that works with parents/caregivers of at risk youth.  The 10 week program allows for the families to work on reducing family conflict, improving school attendance and performance, achieving appropriate parental response to disruptive teen behaviors, and increasing levels of support in the community as well as increased family bonding.