Our Team M-N

Full Name


Maiorano, LindaTherapist/Consultant - Mental Health in Early Childhood more info
Martin, AngieTherapist - Brown County Schools more info
Mays, AndreaTherapist - Multi-Dimensional Family Therapy Juvenile Court Programs more info
McCarty-Spires, StevieCare Coordinator - OhioRISE more info
McDonough, JamesTherapist/Supervisor - Clermont County Schools more info
Meiners, SadieAssistant Director - Strong Families more info
Miller, KristenPieceworker Therapist more info
Mungonye-Fairley, AlenkaQualified Mental Health Specialist - Clermont County Schools and Community more info
Music, HeatherQMHS and Therapy Apprentice - Brown County office more info
Myers, KrissieAssistant Director - School-based Services more info
Nagel, CarlyAssistant Director - Crisis Services more info
Neubecker, MaddieTherapist - Hamilton County Schools more info