Clermont County Mental Health Levy Renewal This Fall

Clermont County Mental Health Levy Renewal This Fall

Calendar-IconSeptember 11, 2020

Child Focus is funded by the Clermont County Mental Health and Recovery Board and the Clermont County Mental Health Levy which is on the ballot this November. The levy is a renewal and will not increase taxes.

Recovery is beautiful and we are helping others achieve it!  Why you should support the levy:

  • Funding for the Clermont County Mental Health and Recovery Board and its system of services has been significantly cut by the State of Ohio in recent years; failure of the Mental Health Levy will result in more cuts and further reduction of local services.

  • The levy funding provides a safety net for individuals and families needing mental health and/or alcohol/drug services that do not have Medicaid or insurance. Levy funding also helps to provide services for which Medicaid and insurance do not pay.

  • The cost of treating mental health concerns is significantly lower than the costs to the community when people do not receive needed help. For every $1 invested in treatment, there is a $7 savings in costs to other systems (such as Jail, Courts, Children’s Protective Services, Schools and Employers).

  • Every dollar lost through lack of funding curtails services to Clermont County residents with a mental illness or a drug/alcohol problem.

The Levy Helps Clermont County by funding treatment and prevention services including:

  • Clermont County Crisis Hotline and Mobile Crisis

  • Clermont County Crisis Response Team

  • School-based mental health in all districts

  • Drug and alcohol prevention and treatment services for youth

  • Suicide Prevention Programming

  • Mental Health First Aid

  • Treatment for persons with Opiate addiction, including Medication Assisted Treatment

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