August 2016 Staff Above & Beyond

Calendar-IconAugust 31, 2016

The following staff were nominated for the August Above & Beyond Awards.  Winners of the drawing are Crystal Stanton and Christine Kiger.  Congratulations, everyone!


Cathy Beaver and Lara Bingham - With two staff in our classroom, we are unable to get out for breaks unless someone comes to help out.  This summer Cathy and Lara, in the adjoining room, have been great to stop what they were doing so we could take a necessary break.  Cathy also came in between her sessions to help out during lunch and nap time.  We appreciated their help when called!


Christine Kiger - Christine is always so friendly and open to help when asked for anything.  She always does all the lamination for everyone and never complains.  She goes above and beyond every day with the phone calls, asking the appropriate questions to find out who clients need to talk with.  All of our jobs would be a lot harder without all the hard work she does.  Thanks Christine for everything!


Crystal Stanton - In the month of June, Early Head Start challenged our families to provide as many Language-rich Experiences with their children as possible either by attending our socials, going to events in the community, or by just doing different activities at home.  We provided each family with a "passport" where they documented their experiences and also asked them to send pictures of their experiences to the Home Visitors.  At the end of the challenge, we provided a frozen yogurt party with a slideshow presentation of all their experiences.  Crystal volunteered to make the slideshow and she did an amazing job making it!  With 10 Home Visitors each serving 10 to 12 families, I am sure it was a challenge to compile all those pictures and turn it into a great presentation!  Thanks Crystal, I know how time consuming that must have been!  It turned out great and I really appreciate your hard work on it!