August 2018 Staff Above & Beyond, Hat's Off & Positive Feedback

August 2018 Staff Above & Beyond, Hat's Off & Positive Feedback

Calendar-IconAugust 31, 2018

Above & Beyond

These staff members were nominated for the August Staff Above and Beyond Award. The winners of the drawing for a gift card this month are Amie Wheeler, Jordan Payne, Jennifer Jeffers and Matt Hagee.  Congratulations to all!!

Amie Wheeler voluntarily planned for & organized a Field Day for the summer program clients on the last day of the program.  Amie took a leadership role in organizing the program staff and assigning tasks for the activity.  At the end of the day, one of the clients was struggling with saying good-bye to the program staff.  Amie filled a pie tin with shaving cream and let the client push a pie in her face to end the day on a fun, joyous note. Thank you Amie for going the extra mile!

Jordan Payne has taken the initiative to improve several aspects of the WYAC program.  Jordan volunteered & organized volunteers to clean up the nature trail at the school which took several hours outside the program day.  Jordan also built a garden area for the program clients to plant flowers and vegetables.  He also built a catapult for the program clients to work together as a team to hit various targets.  Thank you for your extra effort, Jordan!

Jennifer Jeffers put a lot of hard work into making the Back to School Festival a success.  She was new and took this on, putting her heart into this event.  She secured monetary donations as well as school supply donations.  She completed thank you cards for the all the supporters, donors and had each staff member sign the cards.  Thank you, Jennifer!

Matt Hagee came in on his own time, cleaned an area behind the building for staff to relax outside.  He placed cinder blocks as a wall, planted flowers and plants in the cinderblocks.  He placed the old bench that was in the storage area out for them to have a place to sit.  He also purchased the flowers and plants that were planted and brought some pots from his house.  Thank you, Matt!

Hat’s Off

From Carolyn Heller, M.Ed, LSC, School Counselor at Nagel Middle School: I wanted to say thank you for a great Transition Camp yesterday!  I think it was the best one yet!  Child Focus staff, Nicole Snyder, did a fabulous job of organizing the day and I received a lot of great feedback from kids and parents.

Positive Feedback

- A parent who participated in the Summer Bridge Program sent a gracious thank you card to staff!  Way to go Melody Kirby, Sheila Conley and Vanessa Austin!

- Wassermann program received the following feedback from a parent with a child attending summer program:  “Thank you all for helping my child this summer. I can see a HUGE difference in him.”

Outcomes feedback:

The following feedback was provided by the mother of a client while completing the Outcomes form with treatment provider.  The response below was in relation to the question: What do you like best about services?

Parent response: “The helpfulness the staff gave my child while in care.  He has become a completely different kid!”