Child Focus is Rebranding

Calendar-IconSeptember 11, 2020

Child Focus is excited to announce that we are rebranding!  “Over the course of 43 years, Child Focus has grown expansively in size, market reach and the scope of behavioral health and early learning services provided. We are a comprehensive behavioral health and early learning organization that serves, children, families, adults as well as the larger community. Rebranding provides us the opportunity to refresh our brand to reflect four decades of progressive growth as well as provide for future growth,” says Pamela Lindeman, CEO. 

The rebrand is based upon three important pillars: Thriving Children. Strong Families.  Successful Adults.  “We recognize that to be truly effective we must work with the child, adults and community to bring about positive change.  We continue to build upon our strong work with adults by working in the jail, providing Head Start, mental health, foster care, parent education, employment opportunities and responding with law enforcement to mental health and addiction calls.” 

Child Focus is excited to develop a brand that reflects this evolution but maintains its strong core values that all people have strengths and potential and that our services build on these strengths and allow potential to flourish.  The public brand reveal will take place in November, so stay tuned for more information.