February 2016 Staff Above & Beyond

February 2016 Staff Above & Beyond

Calendar-IconFebruary 22, 2016

These staff were nominated for the February Above & Beyond Awards by their co-workers.  Winners of the drawing for a gift card are Michelle Pendergrass and Teresa Fellinger.  Congratulations to all of you!  

Angela Dunham - First of all, I want to start out by saying Ms. Angela has gone above and beyond for Room 9!  She constantly puts extra efforts toward making our classroom organized and a positive learning environment.  Ms. Angela does not only work hard in the classroom, she does extra work from home to make sure our classroom is at the very best.  I cannot stress enough how much work she has put into our classroom to make it a very nice place for our students!  

Teresa Fellinger and Terri Drees - I would like to thank Teresa and Terri for the help in preparing the food for Pat Pack's retirement party.  Everything was so nicely set up and tasted great.  All the guests enjoyed themselves at the party.  It was a great send-off for Pat.  

Jenni Jones - Jenni had a child moving from her EHS Home Base to a HS classroom.  Jenni worked with the mom making sure the child was caught up on all the things needed to be able to start in the classroom.  This family has also experienced some recent hardships and Jenni has gone out of her way to help the family with the things they needed.  Great job, Jenni!  

Ruth Lamphier - Ruth is always so willing to help anyone who needs help.  For a period of time, she did her old job and new job and still found time to help with other things.  Thank you for everything, Ruth.  

Dianne McGuire -  I would like to thank Dianne for working so hard and coming up with such great ideas for Pat Pack's retirement party.  Everyone enjoyed themselves at the party.  It was a great send-off for Pat.  

Michelle Pendergrass - Michelle went above and beyond by being on her toes and helping a Mom catch a child that had run from his mother after being picked up.  Michelle ended up chasing the child through the snow behind the Healthsource building before she was able to catch him.  

Danielle Smith - Danielle is a great team player.  I had a family that needed transportation to complete their appointment with Ophthalmology.  I made the arrangements to take them but I was not going to be able to take them home.  I talked to Danielle and without hesitation she picked up the task and went to pick them up and took them home.  Thank you so much, Danielle.