February 2017 Staff Above & Beyond

Calendar-IconFebruary 27, 2017

These are the staff members that were nominated for the February Above and Beyond Award. The winners of the drawing were Nancy Blair and Betsy Weiss. Congratulations to all!! 

Nancy Blair- For taking care of the fish tank in the lobby. This is not an easy task and can be quite laborious. It’s messy, stinky and I know with 2 tanks at home, I dread cleaning mine. She always has a smile on her face, even though cleaning a tank is not fun at all. The children love looking at the fish and so do I. Thanks Nancy! 

Michelle Pendergrass- Michelle is always willing to help out with parents and any need that I have in the classroom. 

Tasha Swafford- Tasha transported a family that she shares with another Family Advocate to Give Kids A Smile  Day. On the way there and on the way home  the child threw up in Tasha’s car. In the situation Tasha was still very kind and cleaned up after the child. We appreciate Tasha taking such care of this family. Thanks Tasha. 

Danielle Smith- I would like to nominate Danielle because she goes above and beyond for so many of us  every day, but this particular instance was really above and beyond!  I had scheduled a PTO day for Friday. Then I had a family tell me they had scheduled a dentist appointment for that same Friday. I told Danielle my situation and she immediately said she could do it. No questions, nothing. She does this for us so many occasions. I just want her to know how much myself, and the rest of us appreciate it! 

Erin Cunningham- Erin has went above and beyond in so many ways, but I feel she needs to be recognized for this particular event. She volunteered to babysit for policy council because they were short handed. This is not the first time she volunteered for this and I think she needs some recognition for taking time out of her schedule to help others! 

Amy Kelch- Not only does she do an awesome job for EHS but she is also working extended hours and helping out with the Extended Day. It takes a very organized and hard worker to do her job duties plus way more! You can always count on Amy if you need help with anything and that’s what makes a great co-worker. 

Betsy Weiss – Was a last minute life saver during the Give Kids a Smile Day. There was a last minute change of plans and Betsy was willing without any issues to help the family in need. Thank you Betsy for all that you do!

Betsy- Betsy has been very helpful to me this entire year when it comes to advice and recommendations about being a Family Advocate. This past Friday for the Give Kids A Smile Day, I had to leave for some personal matters while the family was still at the dentist. Betsy stepped up and offered to take my family all the way home to Goshen for me once the dentist appointment was over. Thank you so much Betsy for helping me when I was in a tough bind!

Betsy- Betsy recently jumped in and helped out with a situation in a bind. She always has a positive outlook and is supportive of our families and her fellow staff. 

Amber Stewart- Amber is always willing to help out in any way she can. She opens room 2 every day and will stay over to help close a room if needed. 

Alex Lopez- Alex is a hard worker and she is always trying to help everyone. She has been a great asset to the EHS team. She often volunteers to do extra things for the team. She took the lead on a big social in December and it turned out great, she makes and distributes calendars and flyers monthly, she took the time to get trained in Triple P Parenting, and was responsible for the library pilot in Goshen. Alex is always happy and smiling , she brings lots of laughter and good times to the Pit. 

Brittany Morgan- I would like to nominate Brittany Morgan for the Above and Beyond Award. I have a child transitioning to HS and the mother is very anxious. Brittany took the time to meet up with me and the mom to give a tour of the center. Brittany did a great job explaining everything and was able to ease mom’s mind a little bit. After the tour the mom inquired about the daycare next door, Brittany answered the questions to the best of her abilities and even called over there to have the director give us a tour of the daycare. I just wanted to take time to thank Brittany for helping make this transition as smoothly as possible.