February/March Staff Above & Beyond

February/March Staff Above & Beyond

Calendar-IconMarch 1, 2015  |  STAFF

These staff were nominated by their peers for the Above & Beyond Award for February and March and each received a $25 gift card:

Ruth Cusick - Ruth and I have been working with a family that does not speak English as their primary language.  They have been having difficulty communicating with the public school system for their oldest daughter.  As I cannot be in the classroom every day, Ruth has been diligently keeping up with this family on a daily basis  She checks with them about the sister and then updates me on everything going on while I'm not in the room.  Ruth goes out of her way to make sure they feel comfortable, to know that their opinions are heard, and that they understand what's being told to them.  The grandfather of the family told me that they love Ruth and are so appreciative of all the help she gives them.  Thank you so much, Ruth!!

Krista Martin - Krista is always willing to help me out with my K-Plus class.  She does a lot of copying and laminating for me.  I really enjoy working with her.

Andi Dean - Andi ran the classroom very well while I was attending a conference in Columbus.  She even took care of our licensing inspection!  Andi is a true team player and a great Assistant Teacher.

Kacie Smith - Kacie is so flexible and supportive to her co-workers.  She is more than willing to do anything to help the classroom be a great learning environment.  She made a washer and dryer for our classroom out of a water heater box.  Her creativity is endless!

Tracy Legg, Denny Moell, and Shelly Baxter - Tracy, Denny, and Shelly took time out of their day and took it upon themselves to salt the icy areas between staff cars in our parking lot so we wouldn’t slip or fall entering and exiting our vehicles. 

Amy Cothran - For coming in to run payroll when we were closed for weather.

Hats Off!

The Wasserman program staff would like to give a HUGE “Hat’s OFF” to Des Marler and Heather Strobl for investigating, purchasing, installing and monitoring computers during academic testing 18 laptops for our program.  These computers have been a tremendous addition to our program.  In the few weeks that program clients have used them we have experienced a significant drop in behaviors that were happening during academics and our clients have been much more attentive during their academic class.  Teachers have been able to closely monitor each of their clients and provide them academic work specifically designed for their learning levels.  These computers have also made it possible for the teachers to access more resources over the internet to assist them in designing more effective treatment plans for program clients.  Our IT department has also spent a significant amount of hours getting the computers ready for this year’s new academic testing; including being onsite to make sure each computer has been successfully updated and loaded.   We cannot thank the IT staff enough for the many hours they have taken to provide these computers and install them in our program.  This project was completed as IT staff continued to provide services throughout the agency that they regularly provide.  IT staff have made a HUGE DIFFERENCE for the Wasserman staff and clients.  THANK YOU!!!!!