Fostering Success for Families

Fostering Success for Families

Calendar-IconJune 4, 2021

Child Focus Foster Care & Adoption prepares and licenses nurturing caregivers for children, adolescents and young adults ages birth to 21 who are in the custody of the State of Ohio. As a state certified provider of foster care and adoption services, Child Focus is referred children needing care from children's protective services agencies in Southwest Ohio. Our priority is to ensure children in care are safe, happy, healthy, educated and well adjusted for success in life. Child Focus serves all children and does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, religion, sex, national origin or sexual orientation. 

Foster care and adoption classes are available!  Call 752-1555 or email Beafosterparent@Child-Focus.Org for more information. 

Before Johnny and Sam entered care at Child Focus, they had been living with their birth mother who was experiencing major clinical depression and was unable to provide for the basic needs of her children, then ages 1 and 2 years old. While the birth mother began receiving supportive services and working her case plan through the county child welfare system, Johnny and Sam began adjusting to their foster home. Immediately following placement, both children received comprehensive health care evaluations and began working Child Focus social workers and other specialist to improve language and social skill development. With the continued assistance and support from their foster parents, Child Focus social workers, preschool and early intervention services, both boys were able to make extreme progress towards developmental goals. From first communicating with only a few words, making grunting sounds and gestures to using expressive language, from eating only a few select foods to eating a variety of foods, and from playing only by themselves to playing successfully with others, both boys made tremendous gains.

Foster parents and Child Focus social workers were also working with and supporting the birth mother during this time. Phone and in-person weekly contacts were maintained so that the birth mother could be a part of her children’s lives. The birth mother received mental health care, was able to graduate a secondary educational trade program, and seek employment and housing all while knowing her children were thriving in their foster home. She reunified with her children after a year and a half, another successful reunification that Child Focus, was able to participate in, improving the lives of children and families. Be a Foster or Adoptive Parent!