Help Us Celebrate 40 Years!

Calendar-IconMarch 30, 2017

Child Focus, Inc. will be celebrating its 40th year serving the community in 2017. As we reflect upon our past, present and future we want to not only continue our mission of service but find new and better ways to improve the quality of life in our community. To those of you who have supported Child Focus, Inc., we thank you and could not have done it without you. We are grateful for individual and corporate financial support and, with your help, have been able to serve some of the most vulnerable children, families and adults in our community:

  • Assisting pediatricians and nursing staff with the goal of improving children’s social and emotional functioning and well-being with on-site mental health support at three large pediatric facilities
  • Expanding crisis services to more children and adults who need it in partnership with schools, law enforcement and health professionals
  • Upgrading diagnostic and testing equipment to provide the most comprehensive results for treatment planning and goal attainment
  • Outdoor learning and preschool classrooms improvements
  • Experiential activities and field trips to augment research-based curriculum
  • Facility expansion in Mt. Orab and Norwood to meet growing community needs

Help Child Focus, Inc. continue to offer hope and support for children, adults and families to learn, heal and grow and let’s make our 40th year the best one yet. Go to to donate.