Highest Level of Accreditation Received

Calendar-IconJune 30, 2017

Child Focus, Inc. received the highest level of Three-Year Accreditation from CARF International, an independent organization focusing on quality standards, in the following services:

Case Management/Services Coordination: Mental Health (Adults, Children and Adolescents, Juvenile Justice)

Crisis and Information Call Centers: Mental Health (Adults, Children and Adolescents)

Crisis Intervention: Mental Health (Adults, Children and Adolescents)

Day Treatment: Mental Health (Children and Adolescents, Juvenile Justice)

Out of Home Treatment: Mental Health (Children and Adolescents)

Outpatient Treatment: Mental Health (Adults, Children and Adolescents, Juvenile Justice)

Prevention: Mental Health (Adults, Children and Adolescents, Juvenile Justice)

Child Focus, Inc. strengths noted in the survey summary final report during the 3-day site visit by four surveyors include:

  • The organization has established a solid reputation as a high-quality, reliable provider of responsive, proactive and accessible mental health treatment services for adults, children and adolescents.
  • Key funders and referral sources express high levels of satisfaction with service quality and the professionalism and enthusiastic commitment of staff members to the mission of strengthening families and improving the quality of life for children.
  • The organization’s leadership is highly visible and engaged in the communities it serves. Leadership evidences active involvement and collaboration with interagency groups and government officials.
  • The board’s expertise and commitment to the mission and long-term success f the organization are key assets.  The leadership’s commitment to sound fiscal management practices, strategic planning, community education and continuous performance improvement and the highly experienced and long-tenured staff members provide a solid foundation for long-term viability and growth.
  • The organization’s attractive and well-maintained facilities provide a pleasant, uplifting and therapeutic environment for the persons served, staff members and visitors.
  • Child Focus welcomes internships for students from nearby colleges and universities, offering valuable experience to the students and enhancing workplace development and personnel recruitment.  It is noted that several staff members previously completed their internships within the organization.
  • Child Focus provides training and supervision to ensure that evidence-based treatment modalities are implemented appropriately and effectively throughout its programs.  Clinical programs utilize evidence-based practices in treatment programs.  The services provided result in positive outcomes and improved functioning of the persons served.  The training center offers educational opportunities not only to staff members but also to parents and other community agencies.
  • The leadership demonstrated an investment in the staff members and their well-being/  This is demonstrated by staff wellness activities; annual all-staff retreats; provision of education about self-care to staff members; commitment to providing ongoing trainings and development opportunities; and ensuring that all staff members, including those working in remote locations, remain connected to the organization.
  • The organization has undertaken significant efforts to advocate for the behavioral health service needs within the community.  This is particularly evident in program development and the creative use of providing services in locations and settings to meet the needs of the families served.  This is of special note, given the distances and challenges in rural areas.
  • The children’s therapy rooms are colorful, warm and inviting and maintain an atmosphere that enhances safety and recovery. The sensory rooms offer highly creative therapeutic spaces to help promote stimulation, pleasure and well-being.
  • Child Focus has demonstrated a strong commitment to identifying needs in the communities it serves and has invested in the expansion of services to meet those needs.  Child Focus has built strong partnerships with area schools and is currently providing services in 70 schools in the counties served. This commitment has increased the access to quality mental health services for thousands of youth served in the area.