Holiday Support is Available

Calendar-IconNovember 16, 2020

Though holidays can be a time of intense enjoyment, family time and well wishes, it can also be a time of stress, especially to teens or adults who may already be depressed or anxious or vulnerable populations, including the elderly and those with mental health and substance use issues.

The Clermont County Crisis Hotline, (513) 528-SAVE (7283), is available to any Clermont and Brown County residents year around, including over the holidays.  The Hotline, which has an ultimate goal to save lives, was established in 2003 and is funded by the Clermont and Brown County Mental Health and Recovery Boards, Clermont Mental Health levy and grants. 

The Crisis Hotline is 24/7 by Child-Focus trained, certified, and qualified counselors.   For more information on therapy for adults and children and the Clermont County Crisis Hotline, 513-528-SAVE (7283), call (513) 752-1555 or visit the website at