How to Build Positive Relationships in Your Family Unit

How to Build Positive Relationships in Your Family Unit

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Everybody wants to have a happy family with emotionally healthy children. However, many families struggle with their relationships at one time or another.  


Children feel secure and grow loving relationships when they have strong, positive bonds with their family members.  


When you have positive family relationships, you are more able to resolve conflict, work as a team, and enjoy each other’s company. 


Positive family relationships stem from quality time spent together, communication, teamwork, and mutual appreciation.  


This post will go over some of the most important aspects of building positive relationships in your family unit, and some tips you can use to give your family a more solid foundation.  


The Importance of Positive Family Relationships 


Positive family relationships are important for children of all ages. Below are some of the biggest advantages of maintaining positive relationships within the family unit.  


When kids feel loved, they are more willing to explore the world and try new things.  


Positive relationships make conflict resolution much easier, especially between family members. 


Children grow and develop skills more easily when they know they have the love and support of their families. 


Maintaining or growing positive relationships can be difficult, especially if you have a bigger family. If two members of your family are struggling to form or maintain a positive relationship, then quality time, shared interests, and positive communications can help. 


How to Spend Quality Time 


Time spent together is not equal. The truth is that not all time that a family spends together can be considered quality time. If your family spends much of their time together staring at their phones, or sitting in silence, then you may need to work on creating more quality time.  


Below are some ways to spend quality time with your family. 


  • Spend time every day talking and laughing together. 

  • Meal and travel times are best for non-specific conversation. 

  • Spend time together without devices present. 

  • If you do use electronic devices, try to find a way to use them to bond, such as by playing games together, or learning skills you can use to form a stronger connection with one another. 

  • Increase one on one chats between each individual family member. 

  • Spend time with just your partner (if you have one).  

  • Plan for regular, fun activities outside of the house such as going to the park, exploring local shops, or playing sports. 


Quality time spent together helps create stronger bonds between individuals and the family unit as a whole. If your family is struggling to stay connected, then improved quality time can help. 


Building Positive Communication 


The best way to understand a family member’s feelings and needs is through positive communication. Positive communication can be difficult to build.  


Use these tips to help improve your family’s positive communication. 


  • When your kid/kids want to talk, stop what you are doing (if possible) and give them your full attention.
  • Talk with your kids about mistakes and difficult feelings. 

  • Engage in spontaneous conversations. 

  • Plan out difficult conversations for teenagers, this includes conversations about sex, drugs, money, and emotional struggles. 

  • Encourage your children with regular praise. 

  • Regularly let your kids know that they are loved.  


Positive communication is not always easy, but when you and your family members can communicate openly, it will increase the love and affection you have for one another.  


Do These Things Regularly 


Here are some simple things you can do to see big results in your family’s relationships. 


  • Talk together. 

  • Spend mealtimes together. 

  • Spend time one on one. 

  • Have a family night once a week. 

  • Make sure that each family member gets some alone time. 


Building a Stronger Family Unit Together 


You won’t build the perfect family overnight. In truth, even if you make all the right moves, your family will still have its struggles.  


Remember that for a family to grow they must work together to address all the needs of each family member. It is good to have strong individual relationships within the family, but the family unit as a whole must have a positive relationship to truly be healthy.  


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