March 2017 Staff Above & Beyond

March 2017 Staff Above & Beyond

Calendar-IconMarch 30, 2017
MARCH 30, 2017

These staff members that were nominated to the March Early Learning Above and Beyond Award. The winners of the drawing were Brenda Collins, Ruth Shields, Debbie Knight and the Juvenile Court Team. Congratulations to all!!

Harold Beach- Stepped in at the last minute to complete the spot inspections with the State Highway Patrol. He was at the right place at the right time and always cheerful and ready to help! Thanks, Harold!!

Brenda Collins- Assists with transportation needs throughout the year, organization paperwork and collecting bus receipts. She is extremely helpful and organized and always willing to help whatever is needed!

Michelle Gaynor- Excellent idea to include Crayons to Computers for inkind. This will generate thousands of dollars in inkind and is a great benefit to our classrooms. Thanks Michelle for catching this great opportunity!!

Bethel Classroom Staff: Laura Iori, Melody Kirby and Rebecca Lang. Bethel staff have been willing to pilot several new initiatives with head counts and help work towards a procedure change. Their diligence and willingness to help try out a new procedure is much appreciated!

Karen Ford- I want to nominate Karen because she always has such nice things to say. She is always sweet and so encouraging. It is so appreciated.

Tasha Swafford- Anytime Tasha is ask to do anything she take the task as an honor. She does so much for the families she serves and for her co-workers. Thank you Tasha for always being someone that we can look up to and admire.

Marissa Nyerges – Marissa is always a big help in my classroom with my kids. My classroom is so much calm because of her.

Ruth Shields and Terri Drees- Ruth Shields and Terri Drees frequently go “above and beyond” to provide food special events for the staff and other meetings that occur. They enthusiastically take on the extra work, provide suggestions, shop and prepare and help to set up.  I am extremely grateful for their hard work, especially for the recent Town Hall meeting that was held February 17. Thank you Ruth and Terri, we couldn’t do it without you!!

Debbie Knight: Debbie, the Outpatient Clinical Support Staff, quickly responded to a “help needed” call and assisted with the cleanup at the 551 building. Debbie went above and beyond to accomplish the task at hand. I cannot express enough thanks to Debbie for taking care of this!

I would like to nominate the Juvenile Court team Colette Ryan, Alison Gensic, Kristen McDowell, Jamie Rose, and Kate Arington. I would like to recognize their positive impact on the community and everyday above and beyond efforts to support youth.

Hats Off

Lori McCabe, the Outpatient Clinical Support Staff, took a phone call right at 4:30 pm when it was time for her to leave for the day. The call turned out to be a crisis call. Lori calmly connected the caller with Will Cates, a responder from the Crisis Hotline, in order for the caller to receive help. Lori stayed in the office to ensure the caller received necessary support and made herself available to assist.