Mental Health Challenges and the Holiday Season

Mental Health Challenges and the Holiday Season

Calendar-IconDecember 19, 2022  |  COMMUNICATION, Emotions, MENTAL HEALTH, Support, THERAPY
mental health during the holiday season

The holiday season is upon us once again. That means something different for everyone.  


The month and a half between Thanksgiving and New Year can be a difficult time for many people. Society tells us the holiday season should be a time for joy and togetherness. For those whose reality does not meet these idealized expectations, mental health challenges often arise.  


In this post, we will dig deeper into the correlation between mental health challenges and the holiday season and what we can do to help overcome these challenges for ourselves and others.  


Why Do the Holidays Cause Mental Health Challenges?  


For many people, the holidays are associated with significant (often fond) memories of years passed. 


If the memories are pleasant, but the people we made them with are no longer in our lives or have passed, then the holidays can be a harsh reminder of that loss.  


Society also tells us that we should be spending the holidays with family and loved ones. For those who feel like they don’t have anyone to spend the holidays with, and those who see others spending time with those they love, the feeling of loneliness can be amplified.  


Additionally, many financial stresses come with the holidays. That financial stress, paired with feelings of loss and loneliness can spur serious mental health challenges.  


Finally, for those who deal with mental health struggles all year long, the added expectations can be difficult. If those individuals have a strained relationship with their families, the dread of unpleasant confrontations can lead to difficulties too.  


How to Address and Overcome Holiday Mental Health Challenges 


Even though the holidays present mental health challenges for many people, there are a few things you can do to help prevent mental health struggles in yourself and your friends and family.  


Get Ahead of Your Mental Health Challenges 


If you know that the holiday season gives you mental health challenges, prepare yourself for those challenges weeks or months in advance. Identify what your needs are and some ways you can find relief (even temporary) and make a list of some mentally healthy actions you can take when you are faced with psychological challenges.  


Visit a Therapist  


If you do not already have a therapist, now is the perfect time to find one. Therapists are trained professionals and are well-equipped to help you handle your mental health difficulties, especially during the holidays. 


In addition, therapists are prepared for an influx of new clients during this time, so you should be able to find a good therapist with little difficulty.  


Start a New Tradition 


If you are struggling with the loss of a family member or friend and missing the holiday traditions you shared, starting a new tradition can help you find new joy.  


Talk to friends and family and find something you can do together to help you make new memories and traditions for years to come. 


Celebrate (Un)holidays 


You might have heard the term (un)holidays in recent years.  


In short, an (un)holiday is time spent during the holiday season doing untraditional activities or taking time for yourself.  


For an (un)holiday, you don’t have to celebrate at all. Or you can take a trip by yourself, or volunteer to help those less fortunate.  


The most important aspect of an (un)holiday is you discover something you enjoy and prioritize mental peace over abstract happiness.  


Child Focus Helps Make the Holiday Season Less Challenging 


For many, the holiday season will never be perfect. Mental health challenges will always arise, and with them will come difficult emotions.  


However, Child Focus is here to help. We provide individual and family therapy for both adults and children to ensure that you have all the resources you need to have a mentally peaceful holiday season your way.  


We are proud to offer family counseling, early child learning opportunities, individual and group therapy, and much more in Clermont County, Norwood, Mt. Orab, Brown County, Adams County, Highland County, and Hamilton County. 


If you are looking for additional support this holiday season, reach out to Child Focus today!


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