Mental Health in Early Childhood

Mental Health in Early Childhood

Calendar-IconSeptember 22, 2021

Child Focus Mental Health in Early Childhood Services strive to meet the mental health needs of children ages birth to six and their families. Early Childhood Mental Health Consultants, provide additional support, guidance and strategies to teachers, home visitors, and families to promote healthy social and emotional development for all young children. Early Childhood Therapists in our outpatient offices provide services to children and families in need of further assessment and specialized treatment.

Types of Services

A wide range of services are offered by Child Focus Early Childhood Consultants and Therapists. These services include consultation, individual intervention/prevention, training, and treatment services.


Early Childhood Mental Health Consultants provide consultation to administrators, teachers, parents or other adults to recommend behavior modification strategies and to provide support or suggestions to better meet the social-emotional needs of young children. Targeted training to help early learning professionals promote positive mental health in the classroom is also provided upon request.

Classroom Consultation

Classroom consultation services are tailored to meet the specific needs of early learning professionals and their classes. These services provide local early childhood teaching staff with tools necessary for working effectively with children, focusing specifically on providing social-emotional supports in the classroom. Consultants conduct classroom observations and provide teacher feedback, all with the goal of increasing the skill set of teaching staff, thus improving the overall classroom environment.

Individual Intervention/Prevention

Individual intervention/prevention services are offered to area early learning programs. The Early Childhood Mental Health Consultants provide support and intervention for children who have been identified as being at risk for removal from the center due to behavioral difficulties. Individualized intervention plans are developed in collaboration with teachers, parents and the Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant. The focus of these services is to prevent future emotional and/or behavioral difficulties by providing children with needed support at a young age.

Treatment Services

The Early Childhood Therapist team offers outpatient therapy services to children under the age of six and their families. Services include conducting diagnostic assessments, individual and family therapy, case management, psychological testing, and group therapy. All services include a parent component, as a parent is a child’s earliest and best teacher!

Mental Health in Early Childhood services are funded by the Whole Child Matters Grant, The Clermont County Mental Health and Recovery Board, United Way of Greater Cincinnati, Medicaid, Private Insurance and Fees.