Parent Enrichment & Employment Programs

Parent Enrichment & Employment Programs

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Raising children is not an easy job. Parents often find it hard to focus on themselves and their needs when raising kids. While their children will always come first, it is worthwhile to spend time improving parental enrichment and employment skills. Child Focus offers specialized programs in each of these areas, the Parent Education & Employment Program (PEEP), and the Parent Enrichment Program. 

PEEP helps parents explore new career opportunities by connecting them with potential funding sources for education and helps them network to find improved career placements. 

The Parent Enrichment Program helps parents improve the strength of their family unit by providing individualized or specialized support, training, and preparation to promote healthy and well-adjusted children and families. 

In this post, we will discuss PEEP and the Parent Enrichment Program to take a closer look at how each of these programs help parents succeed and create a stronger familial unit. Keep reading to learn more! 

Helping Parental Enrichment and Employment 

Child Focus is here to help your family lead a strong and happy life. We offer multiple programs designed to help both parents and children succeed by linking them to the support and resources they need.  

PEEP and the Parent Enrichment Program are just two examples of how families can work with Child Focus for an improved social and home life. Not only do both programs help improve parenting skills, but they also help families with children discover pathways to healthier and happier homes. 

Let's take a closer look at each one of these programs and discuss precisely what they can offer families with children the best chance of success. 

Child Focus Parent Employment Program 

PEEP is an excellent program designed to help parents find enhanced career placements and educational opportunities to advance their careers. PEEP is designed to build a stronger community and a stronger family unit. 

With the resources granted through this program, parents learn the skills they need to take the next step in their career or pursue an entirely new career. The goal of the program is to promote self-sufficiency and eliminate educational barriers.  

PEEP makes a real-world impact after just a few months or years of work. Parents who want to change their careers or take the next step in their vocation are helped in doing so by breaking up big goals into bite-sized segments.  

PEEP can help parents earn: 

  • A GED 

  • A high school diploma 

  • A higher education degree or credential 

One PEEP participant, Crystal, worked to become an STNA through the Nursing Made Easy program. 

Crystal is a Parent Education and Employment Program (PEEP) client who wanted to rejoin the workforce as an STNA. She approached us with an education plan for her to attend a newly opened program: Nursing Made Easy, LLC. 

The flexibility of this program allowed Crystal to continue to work & care for her children after school while she took courses. 

Crystal was successful in earning her licensure and the PEEP navigators played a key role in making sure Crystal had all the support and resources she needed to follow through on her goals. 

Program navigators are FuturePlans Career Assessment certified through Growing Rural Independence Together (GRIT). Just like they helped Crystal, they serve as guides for parents who participate in this program. 

In addition, it also helps connect parents with local experts who can serve as mentors and role models on the road to success. One-on-one mentorship is a key facet of this program, and parents who participate will have the opportunity to ask questions, plan their next moves, and take action.  

PEEP is a United Way and Temporary Aid for Needy Families (TANF) funded work readiness initiative, meaning it provides guidance and resources that empower parents to work toward their goals. PEEP is designed for parents looking to gain employment, improve their employment situation, or return to school.  

Learn more about PEEP! Please reach out by email to PEEP@Child-Focus.Org, or call us at 513-528-7224, ext. 5033. 

Parent Enrichment Program 

Child Focus believes that parents of all kinds, whether they are parents by birth, kinship, foster care, or adoption, can benefit from additional support. This support can come in the form of mentoring, child development information, education and training, role modeling, or hands-on training. 

Child Focus programs and services have been nationally accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) since 2005, and our team of parent enrichment professionals has worked extensively with parents from all backgrounds to find success. 

The benefits that parents gain through these programs help their children focus on their education and parents are better equipped to help their kids meet their educational goals. Parents who complete this program often report feelings of decreased stress, increased preparedness, and an easier path toward reaching their familial goals. 

Another major outcome of the Parent Enrichment Program is a better quality of life for the children. Children of parents in this program improve from the skills learned from this program. Some of these skills include: 

  • Improved nurturing practices 

  • Enhanced parent-child relationship and communication 

  • Implementing nurturing routines 

  • Improved home structure 

  • Education on non-physical forms of discipline 

It is important to note that the Parent Enrichment Program is tailored to each parent's individual needs. The Nurturing Parent Program uses evidence-based best practices to gather the specific goals of each parent and then set benchmarks for success based on them, their children, and their lifestyle.  

Parental Enrichment and Employment Opportunities with Child Focus 

Child Focus is here to help your whole family thrive. That includes everything from helping children learn to socialize and adapt to a school setting to equipping parents with the skills and knowledge they need to advance their careers.  

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