Pat Pack's Retirement Party

Pat Pack's Retirement Party

Calendar-IconFebruary 19, 2016

After 37 years there is so much we could talk about when it comes to Pat Pack, Child Focus Head Start Family & Community Partnerships Manager. We could share some stories that would make us laugh or cry or do both at the same time. From the Head Start home visits, conferences and meetings in Columbus to the special family events like the Dad’s Cook-Off, Fish-a-Thon, the Clermont County Fair and the WCPO Toy Drive, Pat has been an amazing resource to Clermont County families and community.  Those events and activities will never be the same without her involvement.  Click here for pictures from her retirement party. 


  • Thank you for what you have done for families and for all of us every day. 
  • We feel honored to work with you. 
  • You will always be a member of the Child Focus, Inc. Family. 
  • Enjoy your retirement it is well deserved!

“Pat has positively impacted the lives of thousands of children in Clermont County. Her positive attitude and sincere concern for all is the grand legacy of her work at Child Focus.” Jim Carter

“Pat has a way with parents; she knows how to relate to Head Start families. She can gain their trust and support them as they achieve their dreams. She has never lost sight of why we do the things we do for families and why they are important.”- Berta Velilla

“I want to thank Pat for taking a chance on me almost 21 years ago and offering me a position as a home visitor.  I was fresh out of college and really had no idea what I wanted to do with my life.  Pat was an amazing supervisor. She helped me to believe in myself and guided me in the direction my life has taken to this day.  Thank you Pat for your dedication not only to the children but to the staff that you have greatly impacted over the years.”  – Shelly Baxter

“Working with Pat since I have been in IT has been most adventurous.  Between her and Shelly Baxter, they always have the most odd things occur with their computer systems.  We have always joked when she calls IT about her weird issues and have had many good laughs over the years.  I will definitely miss working with her. Hearing her boisterous laugh over the phone and seeing her infectious smile when she would see me in the halls.  She would say “well at least you are not here to see me this time.” – Heather Strobl

“I have not known Pat as long as some here, but I can say that she is the person I most admire here at Child Focus! She is the most kind, hard working lady I have ever met! You can go to her with any problem or concern and she will listen and if there is anything she can do or any way she can help, she will! She is always smiling and on the go! Always thinking of others and working tirelessly to get the job done! I don’t even think we realize yet how much we are going to miss her! She is a bright light and a huge heart!” – Ruth Lamphier

“She is so caring for the families we serve, but she cares for the staff as well and if there is anything we would need she is ready to let us know where to go.  When I had my preemie baby girl in 2003, she called me to check on us, but also to make sure I would call the BCMH offices and Columbus and solicit an application. That Insurance benefit was a GREAT blessing to us.  Forever thankful; she is never too busy to reach out and help you. Thank you PAT.” – Bersy Tudor

“I cannot say enough kind words about Pat! She is an amazing woman who truly implemented the Child Focus mission. Everyone who was graced by her presence was touched in some way. She has a beautiful soul!! I know whatever Pat chooses to do in retirement, it is well deserved! We miss you dearly, but you will never be forgotten!” – Brooke Mantanguihan

“Pat is one of the finest women that I have ever had the pleasure to get to know and work with in my lifetime. Pat I hope your retirement is one of much enjoyment and relaxation because you truly deserve it! You will be missed by all of us, but never forgotten by any of us.” -Roxanne Finch

“So proud of what Child Focus helped my AvaLynn accomplish in the 3yrs we spent there and thankful for being able to serve those yrs also! Thank you both for making a difference in so many lives!” - Robin Scanlan