Positive Community Feedback June 2019

Positive Community Feedback June 2019

Calendar-IconJuly 18, 2019

Brandy Tucker had only .79% of her episode notes outside of the 2 day time frame for completion making her success rate 99.21%!  Thank you Brandy for your consistent efforts to create timely mental health documentation!


Our Out of Home Care (OHC) Team was recently provided with excellent stakeholder feedback from a foster parent for their dedication to the children, families and foster parents they serve.  A foster parent shared the following excellent feedback about the OHC Team:

·         Staff go out of their way to assist in whatever means they can

·         At the end of each conversation, they always ask if there is anything else they can to do support us

·         They always remind us they are there for us

·         It is an HONOR for us to be part of such a great organization who not only shows support, kindness and compassion to the children we serve but to the families themselves.


Laura Kresslein received outstanding feedback from a person served.  This feedback came directly from the person regarding work Laura completed while in her role as a Child Focus Job Navigator with the PEEP program:


·         I wish there were more social workers out there like her. She is simply the best.

·         I just want you to know that you have an excellent!

·         She has helped me more than she knows and I am grateful to have a person like that in my life. Many people out there don't get chances and help like this.

·         She is an awesome person and a helpful resource if you are becoming stagnant in your life she helps you climb out of that rut. I thank God that I found help like that.


The administrative team at a school Jodi Quehl serves has noted being very pleased with the work Jodi is doing, the communication she has with the administrative team and teachers, as well her interactions with the parents.  They shared, “This year has been the best partnership with mental health that we have ever experienced.”