Same Location, New Address!

Calendar-IconJanuary 9, 2018

Same Location, New Address! 

Effective immediately, Child Focus Inc. 555 and 551 Cincinnati-Batavia Pike has been changed to:

  • 551 Cincinnati-Batavia Pike (old address) is now 4633 Aicholtz Road  Cincinnnati, OH 45244
  • 555 Cincinnati-Batavia Pike (old address) is now 4629 Aicholtz Road Cincinnnati, OH 45244

Several sections of Union Township, Clermont County, roads were renamed as a result of the reconfiguration of Aicholtz Road Connector project.  New street signs have been installed.  The Aicholtz Road Connector project, which took two years to complete and cost $6.25 million, reopened a portion of Aicholtz Road that was severed when Interstate 275 was originally built. The project now allows for direct access to Eastgate.  Please update your records.  GPS and online maps may take longer to update to this change.