September 2018 Positive Feedback

September 2018 Positive Feedback

Calendar-IconSeptember 28, 2018

Thank You’s From Parents: 

Michelle Pendergrass:

A parent just stopped by looking for a manager and stopped in my office.  She was crying tears of joy!
She wanted to let us know how wonderful you are and how much you have helped her.  Her daughter is in the 1st grade at a school that offers open enrollment.  The school said her daughter could no longer go there.  Mom contacted you and you advocated for her daughter to stay at that school.   Today her daughter returned to her 1st grade class.  
Mom sang praises about all the good things Child Focus has done for her family.  Her family was involved in EHS and HS.   Thank You Michelle for all of your kindness and dedication to children and families.

Erin Cunningham:

Erin is a wonderful employee, she was a home visitor for her for a while ago. She goes above and beyond to help her families out. I can’t say enough about how awesome she is and how lucky Child Focus is to have her. 

Stevy Cunningham:

Stevy is a Home Visitor and she is so amazing, I just loved her so much! Andrea just wants to say thank you for the employees we hire and that they do such an awesome job and also care for our children. 

Thank You from a Client:

Angie Martin

I just want to say that my time with Angie Martin was absolutely amazing. She is incredible at what she does and she taught me and helped me with things that I could have never learned anywhere else. She taught me so much about how to help my child and be a better parent. I am so grateful for what she did for me and my son. She went above and beyond to make sure that we continued to work on our relationship even while I was away in rehab and I cannot thank her enough.