Staff Above & Beyond March 2018

Staff Above & Beyond March 2018

Calendar-IconMarch 30, 2018

The following staff members were nominated for the March Above and Beyond Award The winners for the $25.00 gift cards this month are Katherine Pedigo, Angel Stewart, Linda Hickman and Amy Dail. Congratulations to all!!!  

Hannah Althaus, Stephanie Couch and Angel Stewart:  Their help makes the kitchen’s job easier by organizing the dirty dish tub and stacking dishes and removing the plastic wrap. We appreciate that so much! 

Dianne McGuire:  Dianne has offered tremendous support to the Extended Day Program over the last couple of months, going above and beyond in ensuring the program continues to run without interruption. Her flexibility and willingness to adjust her schedule and support any location as early as 6:00am or as late as 6:00pm after a full day in the office, is much appreciated. A request to help is always met with words like, “ I am happy to help; I will get it done; no worries” Thanks Dianne for going above and beyond the call of duty. 

Katherine Pedigo: Learning your job responsibilities as a new employee is very challenging. During the first month of Kate being hired, all home visitors where sent a list of missing documents. This list is sent out to staff each month. On Kate’s list there were 2 items that had been missing for several months. Within one week, Kate produced the documents needed from 2 families. Well done Kate! 

Linda Hickman: Linda noticed that a few spots on the carpeted floors in the Mt. Orab office were in need of some deep cleaning. She volunteered to come in over the weekend, and clean the carpet and remove wax, which had spilled on the carpet. Thank you, Linda, for demonstrating care for the building!  We strive to keep our offices as nice, clean, and inviting for our staff and clients as possible, and your efforts are greatly appreciated!” 

Amy Dail: Amy exercises great consideration for very complex custody and consent situations. She goes above and beyond to work with clients to ensure they have efficient access to care and services and, at the same time, works with the Quality Improvement department to ensure the agency adheres to confidentiality HIPAA requirements. Amy handles these situations with a great patience and poise, even though they are very difficult and would be challenging and overwhelming even for the most advanced service providers. 

On the evening of February 27th, several clients came in to the Mt. Orab office and reported smelling natural gas just outside the front door. Amy Dail called Paul McDonald and left him a message informing him of the issue. She called Duke Energy to report a potential gas leak. Duke advised the building be evacuated, and Amy did that. She ensured that everyone was safely out of the building. Amy, then, waited, sitting in her car in the parking lot for almost 2 hours for a representative from Duke to come and check the building. Thankfully, no leak was found, however, Amy was diligent in her care and concern for our clients, families, staff, and our building. She stayed past her working hours to allow Duke to fully check out the building. Thank you for acting so quickly in the face of a potential emergency situation and for remaining calm throughout.