Staff Above & Beyond May 2016

Staff Above & Beyond May 2016

Calendar-IconMay 27, 2016

These staff were nominated by their co-workers for the May Above & Beyond Awards.  Winners of the drawing were Terri Drees and Katie Teixeira.  Congratulations to all of you!


Rachel Daniels - Rachel does an outstanding job with her families.  Recently Rachel was faced with a difficult situation with a family that was hard to deal with.  She found a way to present the family with information and help them in a way that was caring and comfortable for everyone involved.  As always, Rachel, keep up the great work!


Teresa Fellinger and Terri Drees - Teresa and Terri have helped out Room 9 so much this entire year.  They have prepared food for several of our Family Events and each time has been delicious!  Our families have really enjoyed learning more about the food that's served to their children.  This past month, Terri and Teresa prepared extra breakfast food for our Fatherhood Event, which helped give our families energy to go outside and play.  Thanks for all your hard work this year!


Alanna Hochberg - Alanna is always willing to go out of her way to help others.  She takes her time with each family and does everything that she can to help with each family's needs.  When I have a question, she always stops what she is doing and helps me.  She also always shares new information with me that she comes across in case I may need it for my families. 


Sherri Horsley - Sherri went out of her way to make me feel welcome as part of the team at UT 7 this year, and I really appreciate this.  Teachers have a challenging job, to say the least, and I think they all do a great job, I really do.  I nominate Sherri for the Above & Beyond Award not only because she made me feel welcome as a part of the team, but also because she made time to help set up, participate, and clean at all of our workshop and family events, and always offered to help wherever needed.  This is exceptional, considering that she starts her day very early as bus monitor before even starting her day as a teacher.  Most of all, I admire her for being a kind, positive, and effective influence on the classroom, which I witnessed on several occasions.  You're AWESOME, Sherri!


Katie Teixeira - Katie has done an amazing job starting up and running the K+ and Before & After School Programs....not to even mention the new summer camp!  She works around the clock and is quick to offer help or guidance.  She has her staff members on her radar constantly, always thinking about them and their students and what she can do or provide to help.  She has never failed to respond to a communication or failed to find answers.  Katie does an awesome job giving it her all even to the detriment of sleep, free time, and sometimes her sanity.

“Hats Off” nominations go to  the CMH therapist Elizabeth Dolle and the CFI team at the Genesis School represented by Bonnie Olds-Carson, Lori Struyk, Colette Ryan, Craig Johnson, and Greg Handleton.

The supervisor shared the following feedback: “I received a phone call from a parent of Elizabeth Dolle’s client.  He shared that Elizabeth was counseling his son for a few weeks, and his son is shy and quiet.  Previously, his son was seen at another agency.  The parent shared Elizabeth helped his son express his concerns, did an excellent job and was professional. He again reiterated how outstanding she was with his son and  explained he would bring his son back if needed.”

The following comment by another client was also provided on a post-discharge outcome form:

“(Our child) wasn’t willing to try. Elizabeth was great!”

The supervisor shared this written comment from Chris Curtin, the Principal of the Genesis School, in regards to the Awards Day at Genesis: “It was a very good day here at CEC South. For the first time in many years, we had the students families come into the building to help us celebrate the students’ academic and social emotional growth. The idea for that day came from the wonderful people that work here through Child Focus. From the initial grant to the last chair being put away, the Child Focus staff was there the whole way. There were many people here that were reluctant to support this event, but Bonnie, Colette, Lori, Greg and Craig worked diligently to keep people focused on the positives. I could go on longer but suffice it to that; thanks to their efforts, the staff here now has renewed confidence in events like these that are so important for our kids. I am lucky to have them.” 

Congratulations to Elizabeth, Bonnie, Lori, Colette, Craig and Greg!!!