We Can Help with Maternal Mental Health

Calendar-IconMay 12, 2021

Maternal Mental Health Program

Child Focus provides specialized treatment to promote maternal mental health wellbeing. Women may experience a range of mental health symptoms anytime during pregnancy and up to one year following birth. Therapy services are available to Clermont County and Hamilton County residents and provided in-office, in-home or via telehealth to meet the individual needs of families. Click here for the flyer.

What are the warning signs and symptoms?

1 in 7 new mother’s experience depression and anxiety. Some of the most common symptoms reported include:

·          Increased crying or tearfulness

·          Mood swings: highs and lows, feeling overwhelmed

·          Difficulty concentrating

·          Lack of interest in things you used to enjoy

·          Loss of appetite

·          Difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep

·          Panic attacks, nervousness or anxiety

·          Feeling worthless, hopeless, or overly guilty

·          Fearing you cannot care for your baby

·          Less energy and motivation to do things previously enjoyed

·          Irrational thinking

·          Disturbing, unusual, or intrusive thoughts

Who is eligible for services?

·          Pregnant mothers and mothers with children under the age of 12 months.

·          Women whom have experienced prenatal or neonatal loss

·          Depression/Anxiety symptoms lasting more than 2 weeks.

·          Not currently receiving mental health treatment by another provider

What to expect in treatment?

A diagnostic assessment will be completed and treatment goals will be developed with the mother to help meet individual needs. Treatment services typically last 6-9 months and can take place in your home, Child Focus offices or via Telehealth. Below are some common topics covered:

·         Current stressors and triggers

·         Self-care strategies

·         Communication skills

·         Attachment/relationships

·         Self esteem

·         Positive parenting

How do I start services?

Submit a completed Maternal Mental Health Referral form by fax to 513.753.2144 or by email to  For questions or more information about Child Focus Maternal Mental Health Program, contact the Mental Health in Early Childhood Program Coordinator at 513.752.1555.