April 2016 Staff Above & Beyond

April 2016 Staff Above & Beyond

Calendar-IconApril 15, 2016

These staff members were nominated by their peers for the April Above & Beyond Awards.  Winners of the drawing for a gift card were Marsha Skaggs, Linda Cornwell and Alanna Hochberg.  Congratulations, all of you for your dedicated efforts!

Marsha Skaggs - Marsha has made and brought in lunch on a weekly basis for the construction crew who are working on the new building in Mt Orab.  On top of taking them home-made lunches, she has also made desserts and taken them in at random times for the crew to enjoy.

Linda Cornwell - Linda is always very helpful and extremely dedicated to her job.  I have heard on more than one occasion directly from her families that she goes above and beyond!

Alanna Hochberg – Alanna is always willing to help out when needed when it comes to paperwork, advice, and information.  She always has a positive outlook and attitude.  We had a child whose parents preferred him to leave the EHS program because he was 3 and there were no openings in HS.  I asked Alanna if she had any items left over from the winter break packets that she gave to parents, and she brought me tons of activities and things for the child to do at home once he was withdrawn.

Sherri Horsley and Janelle TerHorst - Sherri and Janelle were so helpful during Room 7 and 9's Achievement Gap workshop.  Both stayed late in the evening to set up the room (right before Spring Break!), provided support and modeling for our families with language skills, participated in the mini-presentations, and helped us clean up our sandwich creations.  We Family Advocates appreciate all that you do!  Thank you so much!

Angie Martin - Angie has a family that she has worked with for a few years now.  This mom is shy and doesn't get out of the house a lot.  After discussing an issue the child has, Angie finally got mom to bring it up to the doctor.  Turns out there is a medical issue that has not been discovered until now and now this child can receive treatment to correct it.  Great job, Angie!

The “Hats Off” nominations go to  Eric Dean, Yvonne Wallace, and Jackie Leicht.

Their co-workers shared the following:

“I received a phone call from a grandmother, who just wanted to say “Thank you” for all that we did for her Grandson. They are doing great now, and she was very pleased with the services they received from Eric Dean and Yvonne.”

“On several occasions, clients praised Jackie for her hospitality and being positive, helpful, and always welcoming them with a smile.”

Congratulations to Marsha, Eric, Yvonne, and Jackie!!!