March 2016 Staff Above & Beyond

March 2016 Staff Above & Beyond

Calendar-IconMarch 31, 2016
MARCH 31, 2016

The following staff were nominated for the March Above & Beyond Awards.  Winners of the drawing for gift cards are Kim Johnson, Tonya Tyminski and Janalyn Slick, but congratulations to all of you who were nominated!  As one nomination stated, "Thanks for being awesome!"  

Marcy Bruce - I would like to recognize Marcy.  She is adaptable, to say the least.  She has brought new energy to CNE 1.  Her classroom and hallway are consistently changed with new artwork that is created by the students.  But, what I most admire about Marcy is her ability to persevere.  She moved to Ohio last fall, accepted a Lead Teacher position, and immediately took ownership of a full day classroom.  She does a wonderful job meeting the needs of her busy classroom. Great job, Marcy!

Alanna Hochberg - Alanna has been very helpful to me when trying to get vision and hearing follow-up on the children in her caseload.  She spent extra time on the phone with a parent trying to get dates to complete the Consent form.  Without her help, follow-up on these children would be much more difficult.  As always, Alanna is polite and does anything and everything she can to help everyone.  Thanks for being awesome!

Kaitlyn Hogue - Kaitlyn has been working hard with her before and after school children but one parent felt she was doing an exceptional job.  He said via email: “Hello, my daughter attends the Child Focus before and after school program.  I just wanted to let you know how wonderful of a job Kaitlyn is doing there and I do see how much of an improvement my daughter's grades have been since she started doing her homework after school in your program.  It's sometimes very hard for us as parents to sit down and go over homework with our children, due to work or other obligations.  I'm just very thankful for your program and for having someone there that I can trust and know my daughter is safe and learning.  And I don't know if there's any truth to this but I might have heard you were starting a summer program??  If not, you should, at a reasonable rate of course!  Thank you for your time, I really do appreciate what Child Focus has done for my daughter and for you having such a wonderful employee watching over her.  Thank you, Dad.

Amy Kelch - While I was off work sick, Amy offered to go out and do an enrollment that I had scheduled.  She is always willing to lend a hand whenever you need help.  She is a pleasure to work with.

Christine Kiger - Christine is such a hard worker.  I gave her 15 file folder games with tiny, half-heart shaped letter pieces for letter matching.  She laminated each and every piece for me within a couple of days.  I couldn't believe it!  Thank you so much, Christine, for helping me get my RTI materials ready!

Buffy Parker and Kim Johnson - I nominate Buffy at Goshen Center for making a Storm Chaser Truck around the writing center for the curriculum theme of "Wind, Water, and Weather."  Kim Johnson made a hot air balloon for their dramatic play area at CNE 2.  There was a ticket booth too.  Both ladies were well outside of their daily duties doing this special project in addition to their many other job duties, but so creative and wonderful for the children! Thank you!

Tonya Tyminski - Tonya is always willing to help everyone in any way she can.  If you ask Tonya to help you, she will drop whatever she is doing to help.  She always goes above and beyond for others. You are the best, Tonya!

Janalyn Slick - Jana was nominated by a supervisor following an external positive correspondence from the Director of Treatment Services at the Family Nurturing Center (FNC) in Hamilton County. The FNC director communicated about how Jana Slick stepped in and supported a crisis situation at the Family Nurturing Center. Jana helped the FNC crisis team to calm down the child, who became very behaviorally escalated, when the parent did not show for a scheduled family visitation. The FNC director wrote the following: “I wanted to take a moment to send a thank you and a KUDOS about Janalyn Slick.  She was transporting the children to visitation and the mother did not arrive by the cut off time. When the children were told, one of the children she was transporting escalated to a high degree.  We followed our procedure for a team approach to this but were so impressed by Janalyn’s willingness to support us, support the other children in the sibling group, and work with us to de-escalate the little girl.  Jana was helpful, kind, and a consummate professional. It was so great to have a community partner collaborating with us during this difficult time. Thank you again for this partnership!” Congratulations, Jana, and thank you for your dedication!