Calling All Head Start Graduates

Calling All Head Start Graduates

Calendar-IconApril 1, 2015  |  HEAD START

We recognize the important contributions Head Start makes to children, families, and the community. In honor of Head Start’s 50th Anniversary, we are embarking on a project to celebrate the accomplishments of Head Start graduates in our own Clermont County community. Please complete the information below to share your story with the community and be recognized as a Head Start Alum at the Head Start Anniversary celebration in October 2015.  Each and every story has personal importance, but together many personal stories have great strength and impact. The goal is to collect at least 50 alumni testimonials representing the 50 years of Head Start success. 

Also, remembering Head Start's baby sister, Early Head Start, funded in 1994! Please share your current experience and how Head Start had an impact on you. Please submit information to Pat Pack, Family & Community Partnerships Manager at 528-7224 or

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