CEC South Students Celebrate with Award Banquet

Calendar-IconJune 17, 2016

On May 10th, 2016 the CEC South educational program hosted their first luncheon/award banquet celebrating the positive characteristics of students in order to positively impact their mental health. There were 51 students present at the event and 65 guests present. All students in the Genesis program at CEC South were able to invite up to two guests each. Almost every student had a guest with them this day to help celebrate their award. It took every staff member working together to help prepare for this event months in advance as well as the day of the event. There were 46 staff members total, including Child Focus Mental Health staff, assisting with this day as well the REAL program that is housed in the CEC South School assisting as part of their community service and job learning experience. The REAL program assisted with welcoming and signing in guests as well as escorting them throughout the building. The social communication program took part in presenting awards in their classroom to a total of 15 students. 

Each staff member, guest, and student received a catered meal from the local restaurant, 32Q, located in Batavia. After the lunch, students participated in activities in with their peers and guests as well as presented academic projects to their families and peers. Each student received an individual framed certificate for their specialized positive characteristics. Awards included but were not limited to; gratitude, humor, zest, honesty, bravery, teamwork, perseverance, fairness, love, kindness, love of learning, curiosity, and creativity. After the awards were presented, families and students were able to walk through the art gallery displayed in the gym where they had dessert of cake/cupcakes and took part in expressing feelings of pride in their students/staff at CEC South. 

Thanks to The Clermont County Mental Health & Recovery Board for helping make this day possible. For many of our students this was the first award they have ever received. We often do not have the chance to show our students’ families how amazing their kids are and thanks to this grant we were able to come together as a community to build positive mental health in our students, with their families, and within our community.