December Staff Above & Beyond

December Staff Above & Beyond

Calendar-IconDecember 17, 2015

The following staff were nominated for the December Above & Beyond Awards.  Cindy Jamison, Bersy Tudor and Shelly Brazier won the drawing for the gift cards.  Congratulations everyone, great work!

Kathy Brown and Cindy Jamison - I would like to nominate these two for all of their hard work!  It has been difficult for us until our Teacher is able to return but they have been a great support and have provided much encouragement.  They are always asking what they can do next to lighten my load and have been great with the kids, even when we had a day without electricity.  They kept calm and had the children involved so their minds were not focusing on the lights being out.  

Mandy Solomon - Mandy is an exceptional teacher, always doing everything (and then some) expected of her.  She is loved by the children, because she consistently interacts with them and spends time listening to them/talking to them.  She is a self-starter, frequently jumping in to do a transitional activity or an art project when she sees that it's necessary.  Our classroom is blessed have her!

(Also, from another staff member...)  Mandy is so much more than a classroom aide.  She willingly does small group activities with the children and does an excellent job.  She is very good at coming up with transitional activities to keep the children engaged and she is always willing to alter her schedule to help out and keep the continuity in the classroom.

Bersy Tudor - Bersy has been so effective in helping me with communicating with Spanish-speaking families in the Head Start program.  She has called families and helped with paperwork I am not able to complete because of the language barrier.

Betsy Weiss - Betsy stepped in to assist me enrolling a family when I had a prior engagement for training, and I really needed children enrolled at Laurel.  I appreciate her doing it willingly and driving to New Richmond Library.  Thanks Betsy once again!

Shelly Brazier - Shelly’s ongoing efforts to connect sponsors and provide Christmas for Child Focus families is an incredible undertaking!  Due to a miscommunication, I submitted a last minute Giving Tree family to Shelly.  She contacted me and let me know that it was too late in the day to find a sponsor, but would provide toys for the family from what she had.  The next day, I received packages of gifts for this family that Shelly had personally shopped for and wrapped gifts in order to get them to us today.  The Giving Tree is a massive project that Shelly efficiently manages every year.  She easily goes above and beyond in accomplishing this task!!!!!