November 2015 Staff Above & Beyond/Hats Off

November 2015 Staff Above & Beyond/Hats Off

Calendar-IconNovember 20, 2015

The following staff persons were nominated for the November Above & Beyond Awards.  Winners of the drawing were Cindi Garten, Amy Kelch, Eric Dean and Eric Boh.  Congratulations to all our nominees!

Cindi Garten - Cindi has become such a welcome new addition to classroom 10 and Child Focus.  She is very helpful and enthusiastic.  She goes out of her way to help everyone and to make people feel comfortable!

Amy Kelch - Amy is a new home visitor that has been working hard to get in contact with the families that she has acquired from the previous home visitor.  She had one mom that she was having a hard time reaching.  She had met her once on a home visit before the departure of the prior home visitor.  Upon a recent visit to McDonald's for a quick bite to eat, she pulled up to the window to pay and recognized her face.  She realized that it was the mom that she had been trying to reach.  So as she paid her bill, she set up a visit with mom so that she could begin her services to the family.  Way to reach out to a family, no matter where you meet!

Dianne McGuire - Recently there was some confusion with the account of a Spanish speaking parent and her child in K+.  Dianne was manning the front desk alone and still set time aside to help us out.  She was patient with my many questions.  After following up with the financial piece downstairs, she corrected the error in the account which was a great benefit to the family!  Dianne, you are such a patient and hard worker.  Your consistent help is appreciated as I work with our Spanish speaking families.

Sara Newberry - Sara does a wonderful job and is very good at calming all the little ones!  She goes out of her way to make everyone who enters the classroom feel welcome and chips in with other staff to get all projects and cleaning/sanitation done.

Eric Dean - Eric never hesitates to help his fellow co-workers with any and all tasks, and is a constant emotional support for others in need. Eric will drop what he’s doing to allow his co-workers to vent, bounce ideas off of him, or to collaborate about a case. Eric has taken initiative to make attempts to join employees together to create various interest groups to improve office morale, overall employee knowledge and satisfaction, as well as service provision. Eric makes efforts every day to ease others’ stress and provide assistance to them in whatever way is needed.

Sharon Boh – Sharon is a Parent Educator for Out of Home Care and is fully dedicated to the families she serves. Sharon is always flexible and patient with her client families and provides parent education based on the unique needs of each family. She finds and utilizes community resources to provide the families in need with furniture, clothing, and other necessary household items. She is extremely invested in her clients’ successful completion of her program and does everything in her power to help them accomplish their goals in different areas of life. 


Pamela Lindeman, Tara Keith, and Katie Peters for  their work and dedication with City Council and on organizing “The BIG Day of Foster Care” event, a city wide initiative to promote public awareness and create strong support for the needs of foster care children in the city and state.


Pamela Lindeman has taken tremendous initiative and invested many hours of her personal time to the successful opening of the Child Focus, Inc. Norwood location. Without Pamela’s persistence, creativity, and enthusiasm, the opening of this site within a short period of time would not have been possible.