Early Learning Programs Torch Award Nominations December 2018

Early Learning Programs Torch Award Nominations December 2018

Calendar-IconDecember 28, 2018

The following staff were nominated within their regions for the Torch Award for the months of November and December. Congratulations to all!  The winners for the Torch Award and the $10 gift card are:  Brittany Morgan, Molly Sullivan, Fe Campfield, Deana Dozier and Vanessa Austin.


Fe Campfield: Fe is wonderful with the Before and After School program. She always has a smile on her face and is so friendly to all the children and parents. She is very patient with all of the children and always has something fun and engaging for the children to do in the AM and PM sessions. The children are always busy doing a project. Great job, Fe!


Jena Stephens: Jena has really made the difference in helping a child who is struggling in her classroom, consulting with other preschool teachers for ideas and suggestions and going online to find picture cards to make visual tools for the child to use. She has committed to using Conscious Discipline techniques, to increase social emotional skills with children, and is modeling and encouraging her staff to follow her lead. She has been a strong advocate for parents and staff and has shifted their thinking to “what can I change or do differently to help this child to be successful in my classroom/home.”


Brittany Morgan: Brittany is always willing and available to assist and lend a helping hand to Summerside.  We really appreciate her help and enthusiasm!


Missy Hall: I nominate Missy Hall for the torch award because of her continuous acts of kindness and compassion toward the Amelia students and families in our class.

Deana Dozier: She has been instrumental in our success here at Batavia in the last few weeks. She’s jumped right in and been incredibly helpful. We could not do it without her!


Jami Ballenger: For going above and beyond to make the children feel safe and welcome while providing excellent learning strategies in a fun, interactive classroom “home.”


Brittney Bray: Brittney always takes the time to help each and every child like they are her own, provides a safe and friendly atmosphere they can thrive in and is always happy and upbeat, bringing her best to brighten everyone’s day.


Vanessa Austin: Vanessa takes the invite to check all the rooms and make sure they are in ratio. She divides her time between rooms to help with meals, breaks and nap time as needed. She trained our new classroom aide on the bus and classroom routines. It was nice to have a mentor for Amanda. She is always there when needed!


Penny Chase: Penny has stepped into help with coverage at the Bethel Center on several occasions, including December 3- 7.  She goes to Bethel from 7:30am to 8:45 am to help set up breakfast. She then heads to our center to work for the day. She took on this extra duty without complaint and made the start of the day for Bethel much easier. Thanks Penny!


Molly Sullivan: I felt I needed some support with my parent/teachers conferences. I approached Molly and asked if I could observe a few of hers. She was more than willing to let me attend a few and answered the questions I had. I feel more confident in my conferences and am very grateful for her help!