Families Go to Disney on Ice!

Calendar-IconNovember 22, 2016

Tickets for Kids Charities recently gave tickets to see Disney on Ice: Dare to Dream to some of our Head Start  (HS) and Early Head Start (EHS) families. Tiffany Jackson said, "It was simply amazing to be able to go to the show with my children. They LOVED it. My daughter was up and singing and dancing. Both of my children loved watching the ice skating.” Brooke Mantanguihan also enjoyed the show with her family and said, "Disney on Ice: Dare to Dream was an amazing experience not only for me, but for my family! I have always wanted to be able to take my children to this event and because of this foundation that provided the tickets to Child Focus, I was able to. My daughter told me it was the best night of her life and it was the most amazing thing she has ever experienced! Until then, she had never seen ice skating in person. My son screamed 'Mickey' every time he came onto the ice because he loves Mickey Mouse! My personal favorite was Rapunzel! Their performance was just amazing!!! Their talent on ice was unbelievable! It was definitely worth watching!!! Plus,at the end of the show, we got to see all the other princesses that did not perform. My daughter thought that was amazing!!! Again, thank you SO much for this once in a lifetime experience and for letting me share this with my kids. It was something we will never forget!"

Thank you Tickets for Kids, our HS/EHS families had a wonderful time!