November 2016 Staff Above & Beyond

November 2016 Staff Above & Beyond

Calendar-IconNovember 21, 2016

The following staff were nominated by their co-workers for this month's Above & Beyond awards.  Winners of the drawing were Sandra Alonso, Marcy Bruce, Cindy Garten and Stephanie Jamison.  Congratulations, all of you! 

Sandra Alonso - This morning while covering the front office phones, I saw a Spanish speaking mother come in with her child.  The child was crying and she had to pull him in towards the classroom.  A minute later, she came out with the child behind her, still crying, and went to her car.  Sandra came in and observed the mother preparing to leave with her child.  I told her the child had come in crying and I thought mom was taking him home.  Sandra went out to talk to them.  She came back in, carrying the child, talking to him, soothing him, and took him to his classroom.  The mother was able to go on to work.    

Marcy Bruce and Jami Ballenger - I appreciate them for being so flexible and open in allowing Danielle from OSU in their classrooms for longer than her scheduled time trying out other methods of presenting her information to our children.  They both are open to her coming in more as she is working up new material for their program.  Thank you girls so much! 

Terri Drees - I would like to nominate Terri for her hard work doing all the kitchen duties, when I have been called away to train people and to work on the bus routes.  She works very hard and is a great co-worker! 

Melissa Johnson - Melissa completed a task with the Williamsburg families on a very, very short time crunch.  She devoted herself to the task and was dedicated to accomplishing it.  Great job! 

Suzanne Schrolucke - One of the Data Entry staff resigned, which left us shorthanded.  This time of year we have hundreds of papers that come in to be entered into SHINE.  These papers also have to be filed.  Suzanne did all the filing for both Data Entry positions.  (And from another co-worker:)   A huge "above and beyond" for Suzanne for all the time she spent helping out with everyone's filing!  This time of year is crazy busy for everyone and filing is the last thing we are able to get to, and Suzanne took the time out of her busy schedule to help us all out and get it done.  Thank you so, so much!!! 

Jami Ballenger - Jami was willing to change her outdoor time and schedule around to accommodate a different class's schedule.  In doing so, she had to change her written schedule and put into place another routine in her classroom.  She never complains, she just makes it work.  Thanks, Jami! 

Brittney Bray - Brittney is a great assistant teacher. She is always helping with my observation notes and helping me with ideas for the classroom.  She is very professional and hard working. 

Cindy Garten - Cindy does an amazing job in the classroom.  She always steps up and does whatever is necessary for the children and classroom.  She helps out in other classrooms as well when needed.  She is always thinking of others. 

Stephanie Jamison and Kacie Smith - Both Stephanie and Kacie helped cover in our full day programs so that those teachers could attend the Curriculum Meeting.  Both of them took on the job with no complaints.  Thanks so much to both of you. 

Bethany Lapp - Bethany conducted the Curriculum Meeting for all three regions without being asked.  She was able to answer the needed questions and give her knowledge of the lesson plans.  Thanks, Bethany! 

Becky Lewis - Becky helped block off the area for the Mobile PNC Family Event.  She gathered tape and roped off the area.  She made sure every car was moved. She was very organized and prepared for just about any situation that occurred during the event and did it all with a smile!`

Alice Rizzo - Alice took the time out of her busy schedule to meet with me to plan and prepare for the Smart Board training for Head Start staff.  Her presence and assistance during the training are what made this training such a great success.  She shared her Smart Board knowledge and experience with her peers and continues to be a resource for them when they have questions.  Thank you, Alice, for going Above and Beyond. 

Danielle Smith - I am nominating Danielle for going out of the way to help get physicals faxed, checked and approved late, late afternoon/evening and early, early mornings so children would not be withheld.  She is devoted to her job and bends over backwards to help and see things through without complaining.  She is a joy to work with and has our back to make sure things are done.