February 2018 Staff Above & Beyond

February 2018 Staff Above & Beyond

Calendar-IconFebruary 28, 2018

The following staff members were nominated for the February Above and Beyond Awards.  The winners for the drawing of the gift cards are: Terri Drees, Deanna Dozier, Desiree Marler and Tracy Devaux. Congratulations to all!! 

Abi DeHart: Abi has a family that she shares with a HS Family Advocate who is currently out. When asked, Abi talked to the family about some things that we needed for the HS child. Abi was able to take this on and help to get this things done for this child. Thank you, Abi! 

Alanna Hochberg: During the Give a Kids a Smile Day there was a family that is served in the Home Based program that speaks Spanish. Alanna was asked to go back with the family and help with interpretation for them. Alanna made sure that it was ok with the family that she transported there and stayed with this family to make sure they understood what the dentist had to say. Thank you Alanna for everything you do for all of the families that we serve. 

Beth McManus: Beth has gone above and beyond by getting to the office to load up Batavia meals due to Bob driving the bus. She was always on time with a smile on her face. Thanks, Beth! 

Dianne McGuire: Dianne is always willing to do more than just her job. When I needed help with a spreadsheet, she was happy to assist me in entering the data. When I could not locate a resource for an upcoming training, she was happy to help me locate it. When I needed supplies for the training at the last minute, she was willing to run out and get them for me. She truly is a team player and I am so very appreciative for her hard work! 

Deana Dozier:  Has been the MVP of our center while we have been in transition twice with staff changes. Even as a sub she obviously loves and care for our kids and they are always excited to see her. 

Erin Cunningham: I want to nominate Erin for being an AMAZING supervisor. Being a home visitor is often stressful and emotionally challenging, Erin truly goes “above and beyond” to make sure we feel supported and safe. She is an active listener when we just need to “talk it out” or helps us gain new insights /knowledge when dealing with a particularly complicated/stressful family; she encourages us in times of personal crises. I feel like I am a better home visitor and more effective service-provider because I know I have her as a resource and can approach her with pretty much anything! I am so thankful Erin is my supervisor! 

Amber Athey and Terri Drees: Amber and Terri let me borrow many kitchen supplies for my 1st FLP party, which was making a homemade pizza. When I brought them back the next day, they were covered in dough, which was difficult to get off. Amber and Terri soaked, washed and sanitized the materials for me. They even delivered the clean items that do not belong to the kitchen back to me to put a way. Thank you for helping me clean up after my FLP!

Desiree Marler: Des is working so hard on the many BH redesign implementation issues as well as service issues with Cincinnati Bell service. She is working evenings and late nights together with ProComp and still manages to promptly respond to staff’s emails about a problem. Des has been great at following up with staff. What can I say? She is an IT Rock Star!!!

Tracy Devaux: With the craziness that has been the BH redesign, Tracy has been helpful and patient with staff when we make errors. With the billing component being a huge struggle, it is really appreciated that Tracy has remained kind and attentive to staff every time they complete a note incorrectly or send her an email asking for help.  Tracy is just another reason the team at CFI is so awesome!

The following staff has received another positive feedback from the family she served:

Sharon Boh, Out of Home Care Parent Educator:  A client family wrote the following:  “We have been given a significant amount of information on programs, classes, and resources, which is extremely helpful. We have learned a variety of parenting strategies depending on a situation and circumstances with each child and their age.”