From Russia with Love

From Russia with Love

Calendar-IconJune 23, 2015

Child Focus in collaboration with Xavier University has returned from Russia.

Through a “Peer to Peer” grant funded through the US Embassy in Moscow, we were able to send three staff for one week to Ryazan, Russia. We presented programs for the reduction of bullying and school violence, and development of Crisis Response Team. We also held “formal” conversations regarding Magic Circle and other programs of the Ryazan schools. Our counterparts from Russia had visited Child Focus last October.

Being greeted by the children in a traditional dress, and visiting their classrooms was the trip’s highlight. We learned much about Russia which helped us to better know their culture which allowed us to better advise how to implement the services we were recommending. Susan Graham, M.Ed., L.P.C., CR, Director of Education Liaisons for Child Focus, presented on developing an anti-bullying program, which included cyber bullying, Ryazan’s biggest identified bullying problem, and co-presented Crisis Response Team Development with Jim Carter, CEO of Child Focus. Caitlin Yilmazer, a Child Focus Therapist, presented on Cultural issues and assisted Dr. Butch Losey, Clinical Coordinator of Xavier University on his presentation of Violent Children.

This trip also included visits to Moscow and St. Petersburg. Plans are in place to repeat the experience.