Child Focus Recognized by State for Juvenile Court Program

Child Focus Recognized by State for Juvenile Court Program

Calendar-IconNovember 22, 2016

In partnership with the Governor’s Council on Juvenile Justice and the Ohio Association of Juvenile Court Judges, the Department of Youth Services is hosting a Community Recognition Awards Ceremony, which will take place at the 2016 Ohio Association of Juvenile Court Judges Meeting on December 1, 2016 at the Hilton Polaris/Columbus. The ceremony will recognize the coordinated partnership among providers in Ohio’s juvenile justice system, including Child Focus' Juvenile Court Multi Dimensional Family Therapy Program.

The purpose of the MDFT program is to reduce youth from being placed out of the community and increase their ability to be productive members in the community. The court refers families to the MDFT program who conducts diagnostic assessments, develops treatment plans, and provides intensive home-based counseling and case management services. The MDFT model was the most cost effective evidenced based treatment model that would help the court achieve its purpose and goals. MDFT certified therapists work simultaneously in 4 interdependent domains: the adolescent, parent, family and extra familial systems and measure progress made in these domains through pre- and post-tests that measure nine developmental areas. Therapists work collaboratively with parents to help youth learn to communicate effectively; develop coping, emotional regulation and problem solving; and establish alternatives to substance use and delinquency. Work within the familial and parental domains focuses on improving communication and problem solving skills and empowerment.

DYS will acknowledge community partners for providing needed, and sometimes underappreciated, services to youth.  In order to also highlight the hard work of the youth that are participating in these community programs, we will also put a “face” to each program by recognizing a youth who has successfully completed the program. Awards include Community Recognition Awards, the Director’s Award, the Linda Modry Young Woman of Achievement Award, the J. Thomas Mullen Achievement Award and the Thomas J. Stickrath Reentry Award.

These awards are not only a great way to reinforce a youth’s progress, but the event also provides an opportunity to identify and promote best practices and encourage innovation in juvenile justice.  Congratulations to Child Focus Juvenile Court staff!