June 2016 Staff Above & Beyond

June 2016 Staff Above & Beyond

Calendar-IconJune 17, 2016
JUNE 17, 2016

These staff were nominated for the June Above & Beyond Awards.  Winners of the gift card drawing are Connie Bacon and Pam Weist.  Congratulations to all of you!


Connie Bacon - I have been off work for a little bit with my daughter being ill.  Connie has gone above and beyond to try and help with anything I need.  She is always there to support me in my work and I know if I ever have an issue, I can go to her and she is always willing to offer advice and help.  She has kept in touch with me while being off work and continues to make sure my daughter is well.  I could not ask for a better supervisor than her!  (and another nomination from another staff person)  Connie is a great supervisor, she's always there to help when I need her.  She transported one of my families to Krohn's Conservatory for the Butterfly Show social. 


Tasha Swafford - Tasha has been super busy making visits for the past couple months.  It is not an easy feat to make as many visits in a week as she has been the past several weeks.  She gets it done with a positive attitude, always appreciating the strengths of her families, and still has some positivity left for her coworkers.  She is a joy to be around even in stressful times, and can always be counted on to lift others up.   (and another nomination from another staff person)  Tasha has a family that she has been working really hard to get them to socialize more with other families.   They did promise to go to the Zoo social and did!  This is a big accomplishment for this family and for Tasha.  Keep up the good work!


Pam Weist - Pam has taken time from her projects to help me learn simple and complex pieces that are involved in my new position.  She is patient and supportive as I ask many questions daily.  It is very welcoming to know there are staff like Pam who are willing to offer guidance and direction within our agency.