New Early Childhood Day Treatment Program & Open House

Calendar-IconJuly 23, 2015

Young children continue to present with a variety of behavioral and mental health needs at younger and younger ages. In order to best serve these young children, a skilled mental health professional who is experienced working in the field of early childhood mental health is needed. Currently, Child Focus employs seven Early Childhood (EC) Therapists who provide a range of services throughout Clermont, Hamilton, Brown, Highland, and Adams Counties. Services are focused on the prevention and early intervention of emotional and behavioral problems in children. Our therapists observe, and classroom teachers report, a significant increase in the amount of traumatic experiences young children are exposed to. Exposure to traumatic events early in life can result in complex mental health needs, which are best managed and treated by experienced mental health staff in a therapeutic setting. Research tells us that the impact of trauma on brain development is a very real and very significant concern. Research also tells us that early intervention and treatment of trauma and associated mental health issues can be extremely beneficial to young children.

Our Early Childhood Day Treatment program aims to provide children with the early intervention and treatment they need to overcome early trauma and/or mental health difficulties. Our facility will provide individual therapy, case management, medication management, and home visits to ensure the best possible outcomes for our clients. Through creating a therapeutic setting, involving caregivers, and utilizing research based methodology in the classroom, we hope to set our young children up for success in kindergarten and throughout life.