November 2017 Staff Above & Beyond

Calendar-IconNovember 30, 2017

The following staff members were nominated for the November Above and Beyond Award. The winners for the drawing of the $25.00 dollar gift card are: Melody, Teresa, Jessica, Elizabeth and Alanna.  Congratulations to all! 

Sherri Horsley: Sherri completed the work meant for 3 people while our two teachers were on maternity leave. Sherri completed all of the first conferences, completed home visits, monitored health care plans, uploaded documentation for ASQ’s, participated in a CLSS review with awesome results, ANDDDD taught two classes with 34 children. Sherri you are awesome! 

Erin LaGrange: Erin put a lot of work into helping a family get a pair of glasses for their child. This is a family we have spent much time working with and Erin has been able to get with them and assist them in getting those glasses.  We appreciate the work she is doing in helping with this! 

Connie Bacon: When I was out on maternity leave, Connie kept in touch with all of my families to make sure they were okay and did not need anything. When I returned she made sure to let me know if anything had changed or if my families needed anything. Also I had a family that needed transportation to the doctors and Connie offered her time and transported the family for me. SHE ROCKS! 

Alanna Hochberg:  Alanna is always willing to help out. She goes above and beyond her work duties to help! She helped me through the time the teacher and the aide were out for six weeks at the same time, I could not have done it without her! 

Melody Kirby:Mel has done an outstanding job with the absence of a teacher in our Bethel Head Start Class. She is always positive and willing to help. Our families love her!!!! 

Elizabeth Hartsock: Elizabeth attended the memorial service of the boy who died on a Saturday morning in order to be available to provide support to students who may need it. This was during the same week that she provided intense services at the school of the boy who died. Thanks for recognizing the needs of the kids and being there to support them, Elizabeth! 

Jessica Bowlin: I want to nominate Jessica Bowlin for the award for the work she’s done with the PCORI study.  In addition to all the tracking she has to do for the research study itself, Jessica has managed a spreadsheet to track every payment that is owed to CFI and made sure that we are receiving the funds that are due.  The study funder has lagged in payments and incorrectly stated amounts that Jessica has caught and had corrected.  Thanks to her going Above and Beyond, we are confident that we are collecting every dollar we are due.  Thanks, Jessica! 

Teresa Fellinger: Teresa is amazing! She continually makes others feel better with her positive outlook and caring ways. She goes out of her ways to include everyone, encourages us when we are down, offers creative solutions and suggestions, volunteers to help where she can, and, as if that is not enough, she makes us muffins every Wednesday! 

Hats Off:

Hats off to Kim Bihl and Elizabeth Hartsock. West Clermont Middle School experienced a tragedy and they provided stellar support to the school during this difficult and overwhelming time. 

Hats Off to Amanda Hager and Rebecca Zingarelli, who volunteered and offered support at Genesis by leading groups while one of our staff was out on FMLA. 

Eric Carpenter, Parent Educator with Out of Home Care, has been recognized with this outstanding customer service feedback by staff at the Clermont County Children Protective Services Unit: 

Eric Carpenter is awesome, he does an amazing job! He has the ability to connect with parents referred for parent education like we have never seen before or thought possible. The work he is doing with parents and kids is truly making a difference, and we just wanted to let Child Focus, Inc. know how well thought of, Eric is!