September 2015 Staff Above & Beyond

September 2015 Staff Above & Beyond

Calendar-IconSeptember 28, 2015

These staff members were nominated for the September Above & Beyond Awards.  Winners of the drawing were Marlene Jewel, Colleen Petrovsky, Cathy Krieg and Yvonne Wallace.  Thank you all for your dedication and hard work!

Alma Boggs, Brenda Collins, Bob Potts - With only 3 Drivers available in July to help with the inspections, they had it completely organized with minimal disruptions and it ran smoothly.  We were able to complete the inspection in record time with very minor issues to address.  The entire inspection was extremely efficient and our State Patrol was impressed with our fleet and Drivers.

Alma Boggs and Tammy Kiger - They helped our new Driver get his first routes set up and running.  They went above and beyond in making sure everything was ready to go for the first day.  We have the best Drivers!

Marlene Jewel - Marlene went beyond by re-organizing storage the day before class was to start, when a new storage cabinet came in at the last moment.  The other teachers were at trainings that day, and she did it all on her own, in addition to several other tasks that day. Thank you for your efforts that day they are very appreciated!

Colleen Petrovsky - When a Family Advocate position opened up at the same office where Colleen's was, she offered to help with the additional duties of two more centers, as well as keeping up with her own two centers.  The main focus has been on calling pre-enrollments, recruiting, enrolling children, and conducting orientations.  She has been a big help and her efforts are greatly appreciated! 

Cathy Krieg - Cathy assisted in a crisis situation in the new EC partial hospitalization program.  After the crisis she realized the staff had not been trained in completing all the forms related to the crisis.  Cathy took the time with the EC staff to train them in the paperwork and do a debriefing of the situation.  She did not hesitate to spend time assisting members of a different program, even though it was not part of her job.

Jessica Bowlin and Yvonne Wallace - Jessica and Yvonne have gone above and beyond for a number of months to support the medication service, as we have dealt with a shortage of prescribers.  They have both put an extensive amount of time and effort into serving our clients to the best of our ability.  Most recently, we had a period of 8 days where prescriptions could not be written at Child Focus due to an issue with a collaborative agreement.  This problem was solved by Dr. Koblenzer providing telepsychiatry to some of our clients.  Yvonne and Jessica stayed late into the evening and came in on a Saturday morning to test and do a trial run of the webcam and software needed to provide this service.  They both have repeatedly prioritized this and sacrificed their own personal time to get this service back up and running. THANK YOU!!!

Hats Off: John Turpening (A client reported to another service provider)

“Do you know John... John Turpening.  Anyone who knows and has John as a therapist should be really thankful for him and lucky to have him. He's easy to talk to, open, positive and he believed in me when no one else did. He believed in me when I didn't even believe in myself. I don't know how to explain it, John just really helped me."

This made me smile, for John, and for Child Focus in general. I am truly proud to know and work alongside so many of the wonderful people that we have working for us.  All of us out there, and John especially in this story, make a difference... even if our clients don't want to tell us or show at the time they are receiving services.