September 2016 Staff Above & Beyond

Calendar-IconSeptember 30, 2016

These staff were nominated for the September Above & Beyond awards.  Winners of the drawing were Amber York, Danne McGuire, Linda Hickman and Bonnie Olds-Carson. Congratulations everyone for the great work you do!

Marcy Bruce, Danielle Gibson, Kayla Wakefield, Nicole Lesniak - These staff all came out to Milford to help move the classroom to the modular building.  They all worked very hard moving boxes and furniture to help get the classroom set up.

Dianne McGuire - Dianne has been very supportive as the new program year is in full swing.  When a sign-in sheet is needed, Dianne has it done quickly.  When lunch needs ordered at the last minute for a teacher training, she makes sure it arrives.  No matter how major or minor the need is, Dianne is always willing to stop what she is doing to lend a hand as needed. This support is so very much appreciated!

Suzanne Schrolucke - Ever since I started working for Child Focus, Suzanne has always been there whenever I needed help with enrollments.  I feel like for the past week she has been exceptionally helpful in getting our classrooms filled.  She keeps us updated on pre-app's and when I email with a question, she responds very quickly.  My first week back from summer break has been crazy and busy, but I would have been lost if I didn't have the help from Suzanne.

Katie Teixeira - Katie leads the Extended Day program with relentless dedication overcoming many challenges without losing a beat.  She has had to relocate almost every program in the district, hire and train new staff, enroll new children, and move offices within a short period of time.  She is always willing to do what it takes to get the job done with tremendous flexibility.  She remains focused on providing a quality program for kids and supporting working families in need of extended hours for their school age child.  We sincerely appreciate her hard work and commend her for going above and beyond to keep the program running.

Bersy Tudor - Bersy filled in for a vacant Family Advocate position and contacted all the Milford families for orientation/screening days, even after the original date was changed, and also did the orientation with the parents.  It was the most attended screening day in my region.  Great job, Bersy!

Kayla Wakefield and Donna Burch - Both of these teachers have all new staff this year.  They were able to set up their classrooms, complete home visits, and train their new staff on the positions they took.

Amber York - Amber has been our "Lone Ranger" at the Grant center while getting this new program up and running.  She has worked by herself with one child every day since the program opened in August - figuring out all the new expectations of her position while keeping her preschooler busy and happy.  Amber has stayed positive and has a real "can do" attitude.  Thanks Amber!

Linda Hickman - The clinical support team has endured a lot of turn-over and staff shortages the past few months. We hired a temp (Kim Monaco) to work the evenings while we work to fill the vacant Registration Specialist position in the Mt. Orab office. When a conflict arose in her (temp worker’s) schedule and she became aware that she would not be able to work on Tuesday evenings, Linda Hickman stepped up and offered her assistance. Linda is coming in and working 8 am – 10 am, then temp worker is working 10 am – 2 pm, and Linda is coming back to the office at 2PM and working until 8:30 pm. Thank you, Linda, for being flexible and ensuring the office has coverage!

Bonnie Olds-Carson – Bonnie took time out of her busy day to meet with students from the social communication program to help them process a difficult situation, which they witnessed during a medical emergency at Genesis, when a student was non-responsive and passed out in the classroom.

Thank you Judy, Linda, Jessica, Bonnie, and the entire Genesis staff for being mindful, caring, reliable, and working as a team!

HATS OFF nominations go to the Clinical Support Staff Jessica Bowlin and Judy Law, and the entire Genesis staff:

I would like to nominate the entire Genesis staff for their support to the school staff and students during a medical emergency at Genesis last Friday (September 23rd). A student was non-responsive and had passed out in the classroom. The entire school responded appropriately and took measures that most likely saved this child's life. I am very proud of the CFI staff for the actions they took to support the school staff and students that witnessed this emergency.

Jessica saw that the outgoing mail bin in the 551 office was overflowing with mail that needed postage added to it and to be put in the mailbox. Jessica took the mail to the corporate office, added the postage to it, and then placed it all in the mailbox, so it would not sit in the office all weekend.”

Judy noticed that the mailbox outside was so full of mail to be picked up by the postal worker that it would not close. When it began to rain hard, Judy went outside to retrieve the outgoing mail from the box, and then took the mail to the post office herself on her way home from work.