Staff Above & Beyond October 2015

Staff Above & Beyond October 2015

Calendar-IconOctober 30, 2015

These staff were nominated for the October Above & Beyond Awards.  Winners of the drawing for a $25 gift card were Brittany Bray and Missy Hall.  Congratulations!  You are all commended for doing great work!

Brittany Bray - Brittany started the year with a teacher who resigned.  She completed the home visits, all the Profiles, contacted parents about start date, completed incomplete files, arranged the classroom, labeled children's items for the classroom,  worked on a schedule, and got the classroom up and running for the first day of school.  Great job Brittany, you did an outstanding job!!

MIssy Hall - Missy always comes to work with a smile despite having other issues going on in her life.  She never lets that affect her work and bright attitude with children.  She took the time today to console a new child's parent about how hard it is to let go of your child the first day when they cry.  Even though Missy was on her way home for the day, she stopped and talked to the parent again that afternoon.

Jenni Jones - Jenni was very helpful to me while I was so busy.  She made copies and offered to help with anything else.

Linda Little - Linda helped in an awkward situation involving personal hygiene.  When the classrooms were unsure how to approach the topic, Linda volunteered to speak with the family and ask if there was any way we could support them to resolve the issue.  They felt comfortable in speaking and sharing home life information with her.  Thank you so much!

Danielle Smith - Danielle always helps when needed with health issues, including using SHINE.  She has taken time away from her many job duties to assist me as well as others, I'm sure.  What makes her extra efforts exceptional is that she always does this with kindness, patience, and a sincere willingness to help.  Thanks Danielle, you go Above and Beyond!  Danielle also received another nomination that stated "Danielle is doing a wonderful job filling in for Karen, always there to help in any way she can."

Erica McDonnell - In my Business class, our assignment was to write a letter to someone in our lives who has inspired us the most. To someone who has had a huge impact on how we are setting goals and beginning to pursue our dreams.  I am writing this letter to you because you have been such an inspiration to me and still are today.  You have helped me in so many ways and I will never be able to thank you enough for everything that you have done for me.  I used to be this shy, very quiet person who couldn’t even look anyone in the eye. You taught me that it is okay to talk to people, to open up and let people get to know me. You have made me realize that I can do whatever I set my mind to, and I have proven it over and over again. I never thought that I would make it into a Pre-Vet school, but I did and it was with the encouragement and support from you.  I really appreciate everything you have done!  Thank you so much!